Taking Care of Our Own

A CMH Team Member Becomes a Patient

Trenda Medley has worked at CMH for thirty-seven years, and is currently in Patient Access/Registration. Trenda was admitted to Med Tele through the ED in early February, and shared with us the excellent care you all showed her while she was here. She wrote: “Thank you for the excellent, compassionate care I received in The Emergency Department and Medical Tele. I am blessed to have such wonderful co-workers and friends with all kinds of skills. I love you all (which are many). God Bless You Always. You are my extended family.”

She recognized by name the following staff.

ED staff including Dr. Lori Niceley, Dr. Wieslaw Mostowy, Marco, Shawn, Alex, Bob, Dodie, Tony, and Dorothy; PAS staff including Linda Reese, Barbara Howard, Tracy McLaughlin, Judy Stall, Deanna Swift, Crystal Dalton, Carol Thomas, Maritza Nunez, Stella Cosler, Kathy Sharp, and Debbie Pratt; Hospitalists including Dr. Kenrick Richardson, Dr. Brian Boster, Dr. Motaz Hossein, Dr. Shawn Swick, and Deanna Davis; Janessa in Radiology; Coretta in the Lab; Gary in Security; Phyllis Jodrey, Manager of Acute Care; Lisa Arehart, in Case Management; Nursing Supervisors Christina and Heather; Peggy and Debbie in the Gift Shop; Jill in Respiratory Therapy; Med Tele staff including Carmella, Shelby, Cyndi, Brooke, Angie, Kylie, Daniella, and Emily; Tom in Pharmacy; as well as all of our staff members in Nutrition Services and EVS.

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