PRMC Participates in Community-Building Campaign

PRMC Emergency Response Team Educates Community on Safety

Members of Paris Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Response Team participated in National Night Out last month. National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes first responder-community partners… Read More
Century of Service at NPMC

Auxiliary Volunteers Share a Century of Service at NPMC

Volunteers’ Dedication Sets Example of How to Use Lives to Give Back

National Park Medical Center (NPMC) boasts a well-tenured medical staff, some having worked with the hospital since the current facility first opened in the mid-1980s, or even longer. The same can be said for NPMC’s auxiRead More

Patient Visits NAMC to Thank Staff

NAMC ER Department Takes Quick Action to Save Child’s Life

On May 5th, 2016, the Vickery’s experienced a parent’s worst nightmare. Their 3-year-old daughter, Kennedy, was involved in a lawn mower accident. She was rushed to the emergency department at North Alabama Medical C… Read More

WVMC Staff Goes Above & Beyond to Advocate for Patient

“You Matter” Affirmation Impacts a Patient’s Outlook at WVMC

A patient presented to the Willamette Valley Medical Center Emergency Room (ER) via police, for concern of inability to care for herself after her boyfriend was arrested. Previous encounters with this patient leaRead More
diabetic complication

ORHC Wound Care Supports Patient to Reach Goals

One Patient’s Road to Recovery at ORHC

Waller experienced diabetic complications when her big toe turned black and completely lost circulation. She went to the hospital where they found that the infection had traveled up her body.
“I wasn’t sure I was going to make it because of the infec…
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Notes of Care | 11.13.17

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Shoals Employees Go the Extra Mile

Child Expected to Make Full Recovery Thanks to Attentive Care at Shoals

In healthcare, clinicians often go the extra mile for patients. At Shoals Hospital, Dr. Jason Lockett and RN Tonia Hargett took that idea an extra step in the Emergency Department. A grandmother presented on a Sunday evening… Read More

A Passion for Providing Exceptional Patient Care

Infection Preventionist Calls NPMC “Home” for 38 Years

Barbara Chesshir, Infection Preventionist, has called National Park Medical Center home for 38 years. In her tenure with NPMC, she has served patients in several departments. She grew up “an Air Force kid,” but has spent thRead More

The Pulse | 11.8.17

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CMH Patient Experiences Impact of 24/7 STEMI Care

Patient Receives Exceptional Care and Treatment at “His Hospital”

Clinton Memorial Hospital (CMH) launched interventional cardiology care, to include 24/7 STEMI care, less than a month ago, and their patients – and their families – are seeing the impact first-hand. Two weeks… Read More
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