Willamette Valley Medical Center recently partnered with Oregon Health and Sciences University, the largest hospital in Oregon, to provide 24 hour on-call pediatric, neonatal, and stroke specialist coverage to WVMC patients. Recently, this collaboration allowed for almost immediate diagnosis and treatment for Lars Ward, who was visiting his primary care physician for a routine appointment.

Fortunately, through video conferencing set up by WVMC’s partnership, doctors at OHSU were able to diagnose the stroke almost immediately and were able to administer the proper drugs before he was even transferred to OHSU for further treatment.

The speed with which the hospitals were able to connect with each other, diagnose, treat and transport Ward made a world of difference in his recovery: he was back at work within a week.

“As a rural community hospital, we are thankful for our strong relationships with other healthcare facilities,” wrote WVMC Marketing & PR Manager, Haley Rogers. “Because of our participation with the OHSU Telemedicine Network, we are able to provide immediate access to pediatric, neonatal, and stroke specialists on-call day and night. OHSU’s on-call specialist is connected via video chat to our WVMC physician and together, they are able to treat the patient more efficiently.”

“Partnering together provides the best patient care,” Rogers said.

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