A Happy Place to Eat

Julia Stewart Makes the Cafeteria a Friendly Place

Not a day goes by that the cafeteria of KershawHealth isn’t buzzing with activity. It’s up to the staff to make the environment a welcoming and happy place to eat, and one woman in particular does just that. Julia Stewart has worked with KershawHealth for 18 years and has gone above and beyond as a cafeteria supervisor to make her guests feel welcome.

“She never meets a stranger,” says Peggy Mothershed, director of Nutrition and Food Services. “I’ve had people walk in the cafeteria and remark to each other, ‘Oh my goodness, this is such a friendly place!’”

“I love my job, because I love people,” says Julia. Her love for people has and continues to make many a guest’s day. Keep up the good work Julia!

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