The Candy Man

25 Years of Bringing Joy to ECM Hospital

For more than 25 years, Larry Stanfield brought joy to the nurses and doctors at ECM hospital by delivering candy to each floor. Nurses lovingly refer to him as the “Candy Man.” The Candy Man was in the halls of ECM again recently, but this time, he was a patient.

While at the hospital, Stanfield got a big surprise when he got a delivery of his own. His nurses and doctors surprised him with flowers, balloons, and handwritten cards from several departments, expressing their gratitude for his kindness throughout the years. “Wow, what a surprise,” said a tearful Mr. Stanfield. “I never expected this from the staff. They are an under-appreciated group of hard workers, and I love them all.”

Stanfield started his candy delivery more than two decades ago when his father was in the hospital at ECM. Stanfield got a large bag of peppermints for his dad and handed out the extra. The Candy Man has been handing out candy ever since. Stanfield says he’ll be back in the halls of ECM handing out candy as soon as he can.

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