SWMC Employee Receive Gold Star Recognition

Patient’s Fears Calmed by SWMC EVS Tech

Southwestern Medical Center’s EVS director recently received a letter from a patient explaining how EVS Tech I, Michelle Mangold, made a significant change in her experience at the SWMC facility.

The patient was very scared about an upcoming procedure, and her children and family were not able to visit during her almost week-long admission. Because of the exceptional service Michelle provided to this patient, she received the SWMC Gold Star as recognition for upholding SWMC’s vision.

Below is a letter from the patient sharing about Michelle’s care and service:

“For the last few days, I was fortunate enough to have Michelle taking care of my room. The reason I feel so compelled to write is this stay has been very tough, since my family has not been able to be here with me very much. Yesterday, when I was to a point of breaking down, a smiling blonde came into my room. By the time she left, not only did I feel more at ease, but her attitude stuck with me. She never stopped cleaning, yet she was able to comfort me with her kindness and her words. My mood changed and the uneasiness faded. I don’t even want to imagine how my mind would have been going into surgery without her. People like her are truly angels. Thank you so much for everything.”

Michelle said she doesn’t do anything special other than smile, greet the patient, and ask if there is anything she can do. Sometimes all she does is listen to a patient’s story. If she hears them complain about something, she listens to what they have to say and does her best to find a solution. When the patient revealed to Michelle she was very scared about an upcoming surgery, Michelle assured her she was in the best hospital, with the best doctors and nurses, and she didn’t have anything to worry about. Michelle also told her she would be praying for her.

“I try to always be positive and have compassion for all of the patients. I know what it’s like to be scared, having had major health scares myself. You can feel when a patient is scared or needs someone to talk to,” said Michelle.

On the day of the patient’s surgery, Michelle called her that evening from home to check on her.

“Even though we bonded with each other, I didn’t realize how much I impacted her.” For Michelle, it’s just all in a day’s work.

The day Michelle received the Gold Star, the EVS director received another comment card about Michelle:

Michelle is always smiling. When she leaves the room, it is always so clean, and she leaves an air of pure peace.”

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