Stroke Victim Survives

Mark, a Retired Army First Sergeant Gets Treated for a Stroke

“I just can’t thank Southwestern Medical Center enough.” – Mark Winburn, Stroke Victim

When Mark Winburn woke up from a nap, he knew immediately something was terribly wrong. “I couldn’t move,” Mark remembers. “My entire right side was paralyzed. My dog Sarge was going crazy and went to retrieve my wife Jeanne, who called 911.”

Mark was rushed to Southwestern Medical Center, where the hospital’s emergency personnel went to work without delay. “I don’t remember much, but my wife says there were three or four doctors and maybe a dozen nurses working on me,” Mark says.

After determining that Mark had suffered a stroke, Dr. Geetha Kandimala, a neurologist with Southwestern Medical Center, and the other attending physicians quickly decided to give Mark a clot-busting drug. It worked. When Mark woke up the next morning, he was astonished to find he could stand up and walk down the hallway. “It was a miracle!” says Mark, a retired Army First Sergeant with 24 years of service.

Mark stayed almost four days in the Intensive Care Unit at Southwestern Medical Center. “The care the nurses gave me was perfect,” he says. Less than four months after his stroke, Mark returned to full-time work as a retirement services officer for the Army. To express his appreciation, Mark has sent cards and flowers to the staff at Southwestern Medical Center. “It’s the least I can do,” Mark says. “After all, they saved my life!”

(Southwestern Medical Center is the 1st Joint Commission Certified Stroke Program in southwest Oklahoma.)

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