KershawHealth Achieves Significant Fall Prevention Milestone

In 2016, two fall events occurred at KershawHealth facility that resulted in major injuries. These events prompted the organization to focus on fall prevention strategies and on raising the bar regarding the quality of care provided at their facility.

In conjunction, RCCH HealthCare Partners initiated a corporate-wide directive to improve quality and focus on fall prevention throughout the hospital network. KershawHealth partnered with RCCH to identify evidence-based prevention strategies and valid, reliable, fall risk assessment tools that would allow them to be a best-of-class healthcare facility.

RCCH HealthCare Partners recognized the value of implementing the Posey’s S.A.F.E. Falls Management Program. In 2017, KershawHealth adopted the S.A.F.E. program and deployed new technologies to reduce the risk of fall related injuries and the rate of falls at the hospital.

Before the implementation of new technologies, it was difficult for nurses to hear fall prevention alarms when they were far away. To address this issue, KershawHealth implemented a chair alarm system that integrates with the nursing call system and the telephones that nurses carry.

In addition, Posey’s S.A.F.E. app was installed on iPads throughout nursing units, so nurses and leaders are able to perform daily audits for all patients that are at risk for falls. This technology ensures that all interventions are in place to prevent falls in the facility.

On August 20, 2017, KershawHealth achieved a significant milestone concerning efforts with their fall prevention program. For 365 days, no falls resulted in major injuries.

With the adoption of the S.A.F.E. program and new solutions, KershawHealth is projecting a 33 percent reduction in falls in 2017.



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