SJRMC Nurse Takes Flight to Help Save a Life

SJRMC Nurse Volunteers to Join Life Flight Team

It was a day like no other day.  The region was busy with emergent healthcare needs. The Life Flight healthcare transport teams were all out on rescues and/or transporting patients.  So when they were contacted to transport a patient from St. Joseph Regional Medical Center (SJRMC) to a higher level of care for emergent treatment, they were unavailable. The Life Flight team had a fixed-wing aircraft ready to go; however, they were lacking a nurse who could run a balloon pump which was necessary to keep the patient alive during transport.

That’s when Chad Edwards, an ICU nurse from SJRMC insisted that he be permitted to travel with the Life Flight team to transport the patient to the tertiary hospital. Chad was fully trained to run the balloon pump and could help keep the patient alive during transport, but he had already completed a full shift at work.

Volunteering to support the Life Flight transfer would require Chad to work many additional hours. He did not give this a second thought. His only thoughts were to give this patient a chance to live.  

After getting the appropriate clearance to proceed, Chad joined the Life Flight team and successfully transferred the patient to a hospital that could provide the higher level of care.

Chad and this example of courage and dedication exemplify the spirit of nurses at SJRMC.

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