SJRMC Employee Serves Patient Outside of Work Hours

Weekends Devoted to Going Above and Beyond to Care for a Patient

Amy Shoults, Clinic Site Supervisor of the St. Joseph Neurology Clinic, is a wonderful example of how the staff at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center “care for the dear neighbor.”

A patient suffering from Multiple Sclerosis was recently in the office. This woman was alone in Lewiston with no local friends or support system. She was living on the second floor of an apartment complex and wanted to move to Colorado to live with her daughter, but had no one to help her.

Amy, a very busy mother of four, befriended the patient in her time of need, and for a month, spent all of her weekends helping her prepare for the move. Amy and her family packed boxes, cleaned the apartment, washed walls and windows, and moved belongings into storage. They even ensured that this patient made it to the airport to board a flight to Colorado.

This former patient is now living with her daughter and a granddaughter she had never seen before. She has since texted Amy to share her happiness about being surrounded by family and to thank the Shoults family for their generosity.

Amy is a true gift and an invaluable asset to SJRMC. Not only does she selflessly serve people outside of work hours, but she goes above and beyond on a daily basis — Even if it means devoting her weekends to help a patient.

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