Saint Mary’s Saved a Life Close to Home

The State-of-the-Art Facility and Astute  Team of Specialists Saved James from a Life-Threatening Heart Attack

As he awoke one morning, James Brown knew something was wrong. He stirred his sleeping wife next to him and said in a struggling whisper, “I need to get to the hospital.” At that moment, James didn’t realize it, but he was experiencing a life-threatening heart attack.

Within minutes, James arrived at Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Department. Once there, however, he collapsed, falling to the floor. As emergency personnel rushed to him, his heart flat-lined.

James was whisked away to one of Saint Mary’s two state-of-the-art, fully equipped catheterization labs, located just steps from the ER. There Saint Mary’s cardiology team immediately went to work.

The cardiologist determined that James needed two implanted stents and an implantable cardioverter defibrillator. With such a defibrillator, patients can often resume a near normal lifestyle, and such was the case for James. Well on the road to recovery, he has gradually regained his independence. Today, he can often be seen astride his beloved Harley, riding through the Arkansas River Valley backroads.

Because he needed immediate care, James was thankful that Saint Mary’s was just minutes away from home. He is also grateful to the hospital’s astute team of heart specialists: four full-time, board-certified cardiologists who have the experience and expertise to use some of today’s most advanced technologies in cardiovascular and cardiopulmonary care. “The nurses did everything to help me rest and heal,” James said. “And my doctor visited me every day. That meant a lot.”

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