Saline Staff Impacts Lives

Saline Memorial Partners with Emergency Response Agencies

The Saline Memorial Ambulance staff participated in Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) reenactment programs for local high schools in Saline County. The programs were a joint effort of multiple emergency response agencies from Saline County. It was presented just before the schools’ prom to help the students actually visualize the potential results of drinking and driving.

The program utilized students from the school who were made up with realistic injuries and blood for the presentation.  They were placed in wrecked cars which required the use of the Jaws of Life to remove some of the participants. One of the students was “pronounced” deceased in front of the student body during the presentation while the other participants were treated as realistic patients.  The participants were then transported by either the ambulance or the coroner from the school.  The program was done in such a way that the student body heard the statistics of deaths and injuries as a result of drinking and driving. They but were also given the visual connection of their fellow students being a part of the numbers.

The programs do require a significant amount of planning and joint participation to present, but if only one young life is saved by the program it will make a huge impact on their community.

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