Thank You to Saline’s Bariatric Team

A Patient Testimonial

“Wow! Things look so different when you put them side by side. I showed my husband the pics, and he literally didn’t know who that first person was! I didn’t believe that it was me. I showed him the original pic, and he didn’t have words, I am still not sure he ever realized how heavy I actually was. 

In the first picture, I was more than 268lbs. That was pretty much my light-bulb moment when I saw that. I started dieting “again” and looking for ways to lose the weight “again”. I stumbled upon the idea of doing Bariatric surgery, and started my research/journey.

The first pic was taken June of 2014. I know I was at +268lbs., that was when I actually locked/accepted the weight in my brain. So starting weight was 268lbs. Current weight 174lbs. That’s 94lbs. gone! I’m still continuing my little goals and wanting to get to the -100lbs.

I attribute education, reading labels, portion control/eating in moderation and most of all the wonderful and dedicated support system of Dr. Rex Luttrell and the Bariatric team of Judy Garrett and Lindsey Queen. Without my continual contact with them, I know my brain wouldn’t have been wrapped around this journey. I wholeheartedly think nutrition, right foods, and vitamins are a huge avenue to my success, and those things combined with my supports of doctors and my family has given me the desire to continue to grow and be healthy.

I enjoy things I hadn’t been able to do in over 30 years. I can tie my shoes, walk through the store without being so exhausted that I can’t even think straight, I actively volunteer, plus, I am no longer on the CPAP machine, and my knocking at the very close door of becoming a full-fledge diabetic (I was taking meds prior to help keep it under control, but it wasn’t working). I work out in the yard, hike, camp with my husband and love to go to the gym. My mind is clearer and not in a fog.

I’m a 100% different than the person I was back in 2014. I am feeling great and look forward to writing my book/journey as each day goes by. I had my surgery October 30, 2014, so I’m 2 1/2 years out and feeling awesome!

Thanks to you all, I’m a healthier me.”

Testimonial provided by bariatric patient at Saline Memorial Hospital, Kelli Dean.

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