The Road to Recovery at ORHC

ORHC’s Cardiac Rehab Staff Provides Top Notch Care

Joanna Bartos knew there was something wrong when she started feeling very tired and simple activities were becoming increasingly difficult.

“I used to be able to vacuum the whole house,” recalls Joanna. “But over time, I was barely able to clean a room or two before I had to rest. My husband and I love to have dinner with friends, travel and take walks but my health problem got to the point where I was just too worn out to enjoy those activities anymore.”

When Joanna went to her doctor about her fatigue and breathlessness she was diagnosed with Aortic Valve Stenosis. Soon, she was scheduled to have a heart valve replacement surgery at Methodist Hospital in Des Moines. The surgery went well and she was ready for a cardiac rehabilitation program to help her get back to doing the activities she enjoys. When the staff at Methodist learned that Joanna lived near Ottumwa, they recommended the Cardiac Rehab program at Ottumwa Regional Health Center.

“I was very happy to know that I could complete the 36 rehab sessions close to home,” stated Joanna. “It was nice to hear that our local hospital has a good reputation for the cardiac rehab program.”

During her sessions, Joanna was guided by ORHC staff, Leslie and Jeff, as she regained her strength by walking on a treadmill and riding a recumbent bike. The staff also included education about heart-healthy food choices and the importance of continued exercise.

“The staff was truly terrific! They were friendly and knowledgeable and always made the sessions interesting and fun. I felt like I wanted to go to all the sessions and looked forward to what we were going to do next,” said Joanna. “I would strongly recommend Cardiac Rehab at ORHC. You get top notch care, and the staff couldn’t have been more caring.”

Having completed the cardiac rehab program, Joanna is able to enjoy many activities again. In fact, she and her husband are planning to fulfill a lifelong dream of taking a road trip vacation through Canada and Alaska.

Ottumwa Regional Health Center is thankful to have been a part of Joanna’s road to recovery.

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