A Retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel is Impressed

Jerry Orr Was Treated Like He Was the Only Patient at Southwestern Medical Center

Jerry Orr, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, was tired of the numbness and swelling in his legs. An ultrasound revealed Jerry had chronic venous insufficiency. The veins in his legs weren’t working properly, causing blood to collect in the veins. He was referred to Dr. Stanley Ziomek, a board-certified cardiovascular surgeon at Southwestern Medical Center. “I was skeptical at first,” Jerry admits. “I didn’t know anything about Dr. Ziomek. So I checked him out and heard some very good things from several doctors. When I met him, I was even more impressed.” Dr. Ziomek used a minimally invasive procedure called endovenous ablation. Using an ultrasound for guidance, he threaded a tiny catheter into the vein, then “zapped” it with a laser to cauterize and close the vein, with the blood now re-routed to healthy veins. After the procedure, nurses told Jerry he needed to walk for 20 minutes. “I told them I couldn’t do it, but when I started walking, there was nothing to it. It was incredible!” Jerry was also very impressed with the care he received. “There’s been a huge and positive change at Southwestern Medical Center,” he says. “The courtesy of the staff is remarkable. Everyone treated me like I was the only patient there. It’s truly been an amazing turnaround since I was there six years ago!”

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