Retired RN Turns Wedding Dresses Into ‘Angel Gowns’

Made With Love for Families Who Have Suffered the Loss of a Child at CPRMC

There is no greater heartbreak than a grieving parent holding a stillborn infant.

In an effort to share something meaningful for those families, Nadine Kuehne Schmidt, a retired RN from Chesterfield, South Carolina, had an idea. She took donated wedding gowns and lovingly stitched beautiful gowns for the stillborn infants, taking the time to hand-dye some of the fabric blue for baby boys.

To date, many women have donated their wedding gowns to Nadine for her to craft her infant gowns.

In August, Nadine visited Carolina Pine Medical Center’s Women’s and Children’s Services staff to offer them these gowns to distributeNews of her gowns was shared on the CPRMC’s Facebook page, resulting in an outpouring of support from the neighboring community.

The CPRMC Women’s and Children’s Services staff now have these special gowns to provide to families who suffer the tragic loss of a child.

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