Shoals Hospital Rehabs Randy

Randal Regained His Ability to Walk After a Devastating Injury

Randal, or Randy, as he became known as a patient at J.W. Sommer Rehabilitation on the campus of Shoals Hospital, fell down a flight of stairs in his home, which resulted in a spinal cord injury. After initial recovery from surgery at ECM, he was transferred to J. W. Sommer Rehabilitation Unit for a rigorous therapy regimen. At that time, he was unable to move his arms or legs and was completely dependent on others for all of his needs. Eating, bathing, getting dressed, and even scratching his face were impossible tasks. Recovery was slow, but Mr. Dutton eventually gained the ability to move his arms and legs again. After a two-month rehabilitation course, he was able to walk 40 feet with assistance and complete some tasks for himself. He returned home with his wife, who was also very instrumental in his recovery. In this photo, Randal has returned to J.W. Sommer to visit with his therapists and nurses. He walked into the facility without assistance.

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