PRMC Employee Sets Example of Advocating for Patients

Diligence Pays Off to Help Unfunded Patient

In June, a trauma patient was admitted to Paris Regional Medical who was unfunded and in a motor vehicle accident. Due to the trauma, this patient reportedly required several extensive surgeries.

PRMC’s Financial Counselor, Marcy Woods, worked closely with Case Management to discuss financial needs for this patient. After some discussion, the patient authorized the request to provide information to file necessary applications and to discuss addressing his medical costs with local agencies.

Marcy was quick to begin the task of assisting the patient. She was successful in her diligence to explore cost coverage from several agencies and was able to confirm cost coverage from the county.

Marcy remained in constant communication with the Director of Case Management to ensure the patient was being properly managed to reduce and cover costs.

The patient’s total estimate of care was $150,000. Thanks to Marcy and Lamar County, this patient’s medical care was completely covered.

Marcy sets an incredible example of being a true patient advocate!

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