Peanut Rehabs at Shoals

After a Long Stay in the JW Sommer Rehabilitation Unit, Charles Harris Regained His Independence

Charles “Peanut” Harris arrived at our J.W. Sommer Rehabilitation Unit unable to scratch his nose or to care for himself in even the most basic ways. After more than 78 days of inpatient therapy, he was discharged with his wife, Patsy, in order to put to good use the skills he learned as part of the therapy process. Mr. Harris also has the distinction of being the patient at J.W. Sommer with the longest stay. Throughout his time at Shoals and in this specialty care unit, he became a part of our family. Our staffers enjoyed visiting with him about his football obsession with the Auburn Tigers as well as hearing about his grandchildren and his time camping in his RV. His therapists and nurses helped him recover from his illness so that he could go home feeling confident in his ability to regain his strength and his quality of life.

Group of Nurses with Peanut

Mr. Harris is now a patient in the Outpatient Therapy department at Shoals Hospital. Throughout the weeks of intensive therapy, Mr. Harris is walking with the help of a walker, has regained a great deal of his independence, and has found a renewed interest in cooking. “Just last night I made grilled cheese sandwiches for me and Patsy,” he said. “And I can also make popcorn, shave, and do so many of the things that I couldn’t do when I arrived. These folks, well, they saved my life.”

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