Patient Thanks Staff at ORHC Cancer Center

ORHC Staff Supports Patient Throughout His Cancer Treatment Journey

Cancer disrupts lives and turns them upside down. That’s why at Ottumwa Regional Health Center’s McCreery Cancer Center, they offer advanced cancer care solutions like radiation therapy close to home, where friends and neighbors can surround patients with care.

ORHC’s compassionate staff helps patients through treatment every step of the way. A recent patient was so moved by the treatment he received, he penned a heartfelt thank you note and sent photographs commemorating his treatment journey with the staff at the cancer center.

“After 44 sessions [of radiation therapy], I consider all of you as friends who fought the big “C” threat, both with me and for me. I am very grateful for your knowledge, skills and dedication to your work on my behalf. I do have to admit that I have a special admiration for the three ladies who were in the trenches with me, Cathy, Cecile and Amanda put me through that radioactive ringer 44 times, and it all went smoothly, but I didn’t even get a tan out of it!

Thank you all for your part in my treatment program. Your hard work and dedication makes recovery possible for a whole lot of people and I am just one of them. God bless you all.”

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