Patient Thanks Shoals Staff for Exemplary Care

Shoals Departments Thanked with Goodie Baskets

Dinah Howard couldn’t tolerate her abdominal pain a moment longer. She knew her friend, Jan Hannah, would know what to do. She texted Jan, and Jan’s response was fast: You need medical attention.

Dinah arrived at the Shoals Hospital Emergency Department (ED) soon after where her pain was treated and a surgeon called in to respond to a bout of diverticulitis. Dinah enjoyed a few days at Shoals where she recovered and has since been released, but she said the care she received while a patient was nothing short of exemplary.

“As far as the nursing staff goes, I never lacked for anything,” Dinah said. “They all wanted to make sure I was not in pain and took great care to inform me about my pain meds.”

She sent baskets of goodies for the staff in the ED as well as to their Med Surg unit as a way to thank them for the kindness and great care they took of her during her stay.


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