Oscar the Fruit Loop Eating Lemur

Service Animal Detects Low Blood Sugar

Paris Regional Medical Center recognizes the need for patients to be able to receive quality care while accommodating their need to stay with their service animal in our facility. PRMC employees were recently “thrown for a loop”, a Fruit Loop to be exact, when Oscar the Fruit Loop eating lemur came for a visit with his owner.

Oscar is a 4 month old lemur, who is the service animal Debbie Edgemon. Oscar became of extreme value to Debbie a few months back. Debbie, who is currently battling colon cancer, tends to suffer with low blood sugar. A few months ago Debbie was feeling faint when Oscar started acting different than he normally acts. Debbie and her husband could immediately tell that Oscar was concerned. They put “two and two” together and determined Oscar was able to sense when Debbie’s blood sugar was low. From this episode on, Oscar has been Debbie’s most loyal friend. Oscar never leaves Debbie’s side. He not only senses her low blood sugar levels, but provides Debbie with the emotional support she needs through her fight with colon cancer.  Our staff and physicians have welcomed Debbie and Oscar, the Fruit Loop eating Lemur, with open arms into the facility. We understand some patients may need a service animal to better provide them comfort during their stay at PRMC.

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