Diana Arment has worked at ORHC for three and a half years as a Central Scheduler. All day long she answers a high volume of phone calls. She talks with nurses, doctors, and patients to schedule MRI’s, CT’s, PETS, and nuclear medicine. She also checks insurance for prior authorization. “My job is very fast paced! You have so much to get done that there is never time for distractions,” she said.

For some patients, Diana is the first line of contact they receive with the hospital. “I strive to get them scheduled in a timely manner,” said Diana. She gets the ball rolling so that it’s easy for the patient when they arrive.

“I don’t usually get to see the patients that I talk to on the phone, but I do get to know the patient pretty well because of the necessary questions I have to ask for their upcoming PET or CT scan,” Diana shared. “Compassion is the number on things for me! When we call to get them scheduled, the care of the patient is always considered and prioritized.”

Diana refuses to go home until all patients are called for the day. “I can’t sleep that night unless I know all the patients have been called,” explained Diana. “I have missed family things just to stay late and call patients.”

Diana loves working in her department. “The best thing about coming to work is we are actually friends. It’s a good atmosphere to work with, like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. We get along, and it just clicks!” Diana exclaimed.

ORHC appreciates Diana’s constant striving to be a positive and compassionate voice to the patient!

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