ORHC Holds Nursing Skills Fair

Nursing Division Reinforces Best Practices

The Ottumwa Regional Health Center Nursing Division holds a skills fair two times each year to reinforce best practices for patient care in key focus areas. Nurses attending the fair rotate through the stations as content experts to present the information, and the nursing staff completes a skills check-off for each station to validate clinical competency. This spring, ORHC was focused on the following training stations:

  • Psychiatric Care
  • Patient Education
  • Lift Equipment / Gait Belt
  • Fall Prevention
  • Transfusion of Blood and Blood Products
  • Dialysis Updates
  • New On-line EBSCO Procedure Manual
  • PAPR – Respirators
  • Central Line / Arterial Line / Vascular Access Management

“The patient education station is of particular note because the Staff Nursing Council has been instrumental in revising the entire patient education program over the past several months,” said Lori Bailey, Chief Nursing Officer. “The council recognized an opportunity for improvement in the process and analyzed everything from the materials given to the patients through the documentation processes. Their work has made a positive impact for patient safety and experience and I am very proud of the changes they have implemented.”

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