NPMC Med II Staff Thanked for Exceptional Care

Patient Creates Special Drawing for NPMC Staff

The Med II staff at National Park Medical Center recently received a special “thank you” for the exceptional care given to one of their patients.

The artwork signed by several of the staff members depicts a sunset over a tranquil landscape and shows “all the beauty in the world” according to Tiffany Mann, RN, and includes the encouraging words, “Thank you for your contributions and job well done.”

“Tarah Johnson, RN, was the patient’s night nurse, and all the drawing was done that night,” Mann said. “Then the next morning, I went around and had our staff sign it.”

Mann said this special patient kept telling nurses how excellent the care was.

“Sometimes the good gets overlooked, and this patient wanted to make sure to show their appreciation,” she said.

Med II Nurse Manager Judy Zelins said expressions like this are always greatly appreciated and very special for staff members. She plans to display a large print of the artwork for everyone to enjoy in the unit.

“The staff was honored that a patient showed appreciation by drawing and having them sign the picture,” Zelins said.

This patient gave copies of the artwork to all staff members, Zelins said, all because of the level of care received at NPMC.

“I think it’s so good for our staff to see that we are making a difference in people’s lives,” she said. “That’s why I’m wanting to frame and hang this in our unit, because it’s always so important to hear about the positive impact we’ve made.”


PHOTO – Back from left to right: Kaitlyn Phillip, RN; Sherri Scamp, RN; Alexis Jessup, RN; Brandi Hicks, RN; Ariel Fostor, CAN. Front from left to right: Angela Hartsell, CAN; Tiffany Mann, RN; Rhonda Ross, RN; Nathan Calagno, RN.


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