Life Saving Care for Katherine Buford

St. Mary’s staff help Katherine Buford stay active.

It was the middle of winter in northwestern Arkansas. Ice and snow had moved in, blanketing the area and creating a rare but beautiful scene there where the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains meet. Normally, Katharine Buford, would enjoy the “snowed-in” day — but not today.

Seemingly out of the blue, Katharine was gripped with sudden chest pains. Katherine was aware of what appeared to be happening, and 911 was called. She knew the choices for immediate care were limited.

The ambulance arrived as quickly as possible, and EMTs cautiously navigated their way over the ice-covered roads, carrying Katharine to the nearest hospital. A small facility, the hospital was unable to provide the necessary treatment for Katharine, but the emergency room team there could evaluate her condition.

Katharine was stabilized and then transported only a few minutes away to Saint Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Russellville. There Katharine could receive the potentially life-saving cardiac care she needed. “The first time I saw the cardiologist and his team, I immediately felt at peace,” Katharine remembered.

Time is muscle where the heart is concerned, so Saint Mary’s cardiac team began treatment the moment she arrived. In one of the hospital’s cath labs, two stints were quickly inserted into Katharine’s heart.

Thanks to the care she received at Saint Mary’s, Katherine now enjoys a full recovery. She spends her days staying active by regularly walking, and playing with her grandchildren.

“I’m proof that exceptional care is delivered here in Russellville,” Katherine said.

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