Kershaw Patient Bonds with Nurse

Quality Care Helped Establish New Friendship at KershawHealth

Angie Guy, RN, is passionate about being a nurse at KershawHealth. She has worked with a wonderful team of nurses and doctors in the GI Lab (Endoscopy) at the hospital for three years. She enjoys the opportunity to help patients and connect with them on a daily basis.

She recently provided care for patient Dan Mackey. After his visit at the hospital, he shared, “Nurse Angie Guy showed me the kindness and grace that was appreciated by me, and I am sure by her other patients. Angie Guy is my new best friend!”

Angie’s bond with Dan is an incredible example of living out Kershaw’s mission of providing everyone with the high-quality, personalized care, and to improve their health and well-being.

“Our community is so fortunate to have a great hospital right here, and I love serving the people of Kershaw County and beyond,” said Angie.

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