Historic Patient Receives Extraordinary Care at CMH

CMH Launches 24/7 Interventional Cardiac Care

Clinton Memorial Hospital launched 24/7 interventional cardiac care in September, with its first patient receiving an interventional stent on Thursday, September 28.

While CMH has long been their region’s anchor for emergency and specialty care, patients with chest pain and other heart-related symptoms were often transferred to other facilities for life-saving treatment. Many of these patients were transferred as far as the Greater Cincinnati area to get the care they needed.

With the implementation of CMH’s 24/7 interventional program, emergent, life-saving stents can be placed right here at CMH.

Greg Nielsen, CEO of CMH, highlighted the importance of providing this level of care to patients in Clinton County, “Cardiac care was our single largest source of transfers, and it was past time we treated these patients here. We knew we could do it safely and effectively – hospitals like CMH have done so across the country for years. With the launch of our 24/7 program, we’re now able to provide life-saving care in a fraction of the time, prevent unnecessary, expensive, and inconvenient transfers to other facilities, and improve patient outcomes. It’s just the right thing to do.”

Judy Pendry was excited to hear she was a historic patient at CMH – the first interventional cardiac patient. She had originally scheduled an outpatient diagnostic cath, but as they did the diagnostic cath, they discovered a blockage, and placed a stent in her right coronary artery. Judy spent a night in ICU before being discharged on Friday.

Judy recognized Dr. Nihad Al-Assaad, Medical Director of Interventional Cardiology, and CMH’s Interventional Suite team, “I couldn’t have asked for better staff. Everyone’s been great. It was fantastic… there wasn’t any discomfort. They were very informative. I couldn’t ask for any better treatment or care.”

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