Clinton Memorial Hospital staff received Bob, a cardiac patient, after he was transferred to CMH from his nearest emergency department. He had symptoms of a heart attack and needed immediate intervention.

The pain in his chest was excruciating, he said, describing that he felt like he had been hit in the chest with a baseball bat.

“All I could think of was my kids,” he said. “Before I left, my daughter pinned two little-stuffed bears to me, I kept them with me the whole time I was here.”

Bob received immediate care from the CMH team.

“I appreciate this team so much,” he said. “The ICU nurses, the entire cath lab team, and Dr. Al-Assaad are absolutely great. They saved my life.”

“I was scared to death, almost literally, and was a difficult patient to say the least. They moved heaven and earth to allay my fears and worked diligently to save my life. I can’t thank them enough and would absolutely recommend them. They are the go-to team for heart attack patients. Thank you. I’ll never forget you.”

Since his release from the hospital, Bob came back to CMH to visit the team who saved his life. Bob got to see Dr. Al-Assaad again, as well as Amy Beach and Liz Bambeck, a few members of the cath lab team who took care of him. He was grateful to thank them in person.

The team at CMH understands that patients like Bob are the reason that interventional cardiology matters so much. The team is happy that he is home now with his wife and children.

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