George Loves His Patients

A Retired Military Airborne and Ranger Turned Clinic Manager

George Spriggs, RN, Manager, Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbarics at Southwestern Medical Center provides extraordinary care to his patients each day. George is one of the first to arrive to set-up, triage inpatient admits that came in overnight and conduct a daily morning huddle to identify clinic and hospital needs. He then treats patients in the clinic and the hospital and helps break down at the end of the day. He is the clinic manager but sees himself as a regular Team Member.

He admits he is OCD, which serves him well since he deals with serious infections. He has developed a routine to prevent contamination and reinfection of the wound. George is very positive and likes to throw the word “love” around. “I’ll tell my patients I love them. And I do. I love all my patients.” He assists patients with finding complicated IV medications that cannot be found locally, as well as find products patients with financial difficulties can afford. No matter what the day holds, George is always smiling.

He is retired military and is Airborne and Ranger qualified. He served as a space systems engineer and has a human intelligence background. After retiring from the military, George became a nurse because he wanted a job where he could serve people and make a difference in their lives.

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