A Drill 4 Months in the Making

PRMC Conducts a School Bus Mass Casualty Drill

On April 28th, Paris Regional joined forces with local organizations:  North Lamar School District, local emergency services, first responders and law enforcement officers to hold a drill that was in planning for over 4 months.  This drill was to test responses to a “mass casualty incident”. The purpose of this exercise is to test the emergency services preparedness, and emergency response to a mass casualty incident involving a school bus. This drill tests the ability of the school, as well as the hospital, to respond to the patients’ and parents’ needs. Full scale training exercises are required annually to maintain the hospital’s preparedness and accreditation.

Specifically for Paris Regional, the hospital was was tested on communications, influx of patients through the Emergency Room, Incident Command Operations, and communications within the facility and to the involved organizations. Over 15 “victims” were played by local children. Their injuries ranged from cuts to serious trauma. Local actors played the victim’s parents, friends, bystanders and media.

The drill lasted for 3 hours and concluded in a wrap-up session nearby where the Mt. Pleasant Fire Marshall spoke about a very similar bus accident that recently occurred involving their high-school students that resulted in a casualty of their coach. It was made clear during his speech that these drills are a vital component to preparing for true life mass-casualty incidents.

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