Jen Goodwin’s Dreams Became a Reality

The Team at Saline Memorial Helped Jen Realize Her Dream of Becoming a Mom

Jen Goodwin didn’t let a serious spinal-cord injury change her lifelong plans of becoming a mom. Her arms and legs were paralyzed in an accident in 2007, and she didn’t think pregnancy was a viable option for her. But on Mother’s Day in 2014, she decided she was ready to become a mom, and began exploring surrogacy and adoption. Then she talked to Dr. Stacy Pinter, who said her body could carry a baby.

Within a few months, it became a reality. “I was afraid no one would want me as a patient because of the risks associated with my injury,” Goodwin says. “But everyone at Saline Memorial just embraced me completely. They did the research that was needed, and made it happen.”

On Father’s Day in 2015, she started feeling small contractions. “I really had to think about my contractions to feel them, but when I did, I realized they were getting regular,” she recalls. “I called Dr. Pinter and she met me at the hospital. We didn’t know if I’d be able to push. We didn’t know what kind of help I would need. My labor progressed normally, and after four pushes, Beckham was here. It could not have gone better. It was just incredible. When I looked around and saw tears in the nurses’ eyes, I knew that they cared. The team at Saline Memorial—I knew going into this they had my back. I knew they were there for me. They absolutely have a piece of my heart.”

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