“POP!” That was the sound Chris G. heard when he tore his ACL, one of the key ligaments that stabilizes the knee. To repair his knee, Chris decided to trust Dr. Randall Roy, an orthopedic surgeon with Canyon Vista Medical Center. “Dr. Roy had really good reviews online,” said Chris. “He was friendly and gave me confidence because he explained exactly what was going on.”

During outpatient surgery at Canyon Vista Medical Center, Dr. Roy reconstructed Chris’s ACL using a patellar tendon graft, removing the torn ACL and replacing it with a strip of tendon taken from just below Chris’s kneecap.

“I was in and out of the hospital in just three hours,” Chris said. “And the staff was great. They even sent me a “Get Well” card signed by everyone. Today I’m playing tennis and going on long hikes with no problem. I recently hiked eight miles on the Fossil Springs Trail with a 1,500- foot elevation gain and had absolutely no discomfort.”

Chris was so impressed with Dr. Roy that he is studying to become a doctor himself, starting this fall at Northern Arizona University.

“Dr. Roy has inspired me to study pre-medicine in college,” said Chris. “He’s even agreed to let me shadow him at work so I can experience what it’s like to be a doctor. He not only fixed my knee, he may have given my life a whole new direction!”

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