CMH Physician Thanked for Compassionate Care

Patient Shares Glowing Review of Experience at CMH

Teresa was having really bad dizzy spells, pain down her arms and into her lower back, tingling, and numbness that reached the side of her face and head for over a year. She got to the point where she struggled to walk or drive.

“I honestly could not function. It affected my whole life,” said Teresa.

After being referred down to a specialist in Cincinnati which was a long drive from where she was living at the time. She decided to see a neurologist in Wilmington instead and made an appointment with Dr. Andrea Manhart atCMH Regional Health System.

“It was the first visit. She had me do exercises to determine what was wrong. She told me that same day, ‘it’s your neck.’ She prescribed a steroid to help with inflammation and ordered an MRI. The MRI confirmed it — I had a herniated disc in my neck.”

Teresa took the medications prescribed, visited therapy a few times, and is now back to living her life.

“Me and my grandkids have had a blast this summer, because I can again. I couldn’t do anything before… I just felt terrible.”

Teresa thanked Dr. Manhart most of all for just hearing her.

“You can see it in her face. She’s honestly compassionate. You’re not a number to her. When I left here that first day, I cried. Someone had finally figured it out. And I honestly believe it was because she just listened to me. I can’t thank her enough.”


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