Theresa Wu, RN, Dedicated to Creating a Smooth Patient Flow

Theresa Wu is widely regarded as a calm, skilled and positive influence as a clinic coordinator in the ICU/PCU at Capital Medical Center. She’s easy-going, approachable, compassionate and professional. She consistently encourages her teammates and selflessly provides heartfelt support to patients and their family members.

Her father, a physician, may be subtly to thank for Theresa’s career focus. After all, had the Olympia-based obstetrics & gynecology specialist not needed practice assistance one summer not too long ago, Theresa may have been serving others … as a lawyer.

Theresa had completed studies and earned a triple-major in law and justice until she discovered her love for women’s health and nursing that fateful season.

“I got into nursing by accident,” she explains. “I had no intention of working in the medical field, but I discovered nursing is my passion.”

A team member of Capital Medical Center since January 2011, Theresa says there’s nothing that’s not in her scope of practice. Charged to be mindful of floor adherence to policies and procedures, she’s always there with a smile meet the needs of the unit: she’s happy to mop a floor one moment and insert a chest tube the next.

“You could say I’m a ‘fixer of the floor’ with whatever is needed,” Theresa says.

“I love the size of Capital Medical Center, and the family-atmosphere,” she continues. “I love knowing team members from different departments; I know their names and their stories. Those personal connections foster a family atmosphere and builds collaboration so the flow between departments is smooth. We all work together for the best care possible for our patients.”

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