CMC Nurse Honored for Her Dedication to Extraordinary Care

CMC Nurse Becomes a Part of Patient’s Life Story

Labor & Delivery nurse, Beth Mauer, was nominated for the DAISY Award by a patient and her co-workers for her dedication to caring for her patients physical and emotional needs and always being willing to help co-workers when necessary.

Kate Singleterry and her husband came to Community Medical Center when she went into labor last May. This was their first child so they were a bit anxious upon arrival.

Beth welcomed the couple and explained pain options, coping techniques and cared for both of them throughout the entire delivery.

When the baby’s heart rate would drop, she would assist to alleviate the problem without causing worry.

That evening, it was determined they needed an emergency C-section. The couple was scared and shocked, even though Beth’s shift was up she stayed with them throughout the delivery to give reassurance during a frightening time and even ran out to get a mobile phone to take photos since her husband’s phone died.

The following day, Beth requested to care for the same family and helped Kate take a shower and put on make-up to make her feel better. At the end of Beth’s shift, the new nurse advised of the heel prick test for the baby. This news caused Kate to become upset and anxious. As Beth was getting ready to say her goodbyes she noticed how emotional Kate was and climbed in bed, put her arm around her and explained the test and once again reassured her that the baby and she would both be okay.

The couple has since been back to the hospital to visit Beth and show her their baby girl. She has become a beautiful part of their life story.

While labor & delivery is what Beth is trained to do, each one is special and she takes great pride in not only ensuring a safe delivery but to emotionally care for her patients.

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