CMC Emergency Department Demonstrates Follow-Through of Care

CMC Employee Shares Firsthand Experience with Hospital’s Care and Commitment

Community Medical Center employee, Haleena Hertz, experienced CMC’s emergency department (ED) firsthand when her husband sustained a hand injury after a truck he was working on came off the jack. Jason Hertz is a logger and mechanic, and this time of year he is extremely busy working long hours on wildland fire equipment. Needless to say, getting back to work this time of year is vitally important for the fire crews he supports and for his family.

Previously, they had always gone to the hospital across town for emergency services because Haleena was a former employee. The treatment received at CMC surpassed what they had ever received in the past. The wait time was excellent, having a portable in-room X-ray was convenient with prompt results, but what really stood-out is the follow-through care they received the next day. 

CMC emergency room physician, Dr. Scott Greer, advised on the importance of being seen the following day by a local orthopedic surgeon. Unfortunately, when the couple called they were unable to get an appointment as instructed. Haleena then called CMC’s ED and spoke with an RN who immediately pulled the file, recognized the importance of early evaluation and called the orthopedic office for them to get a same-day appointment. Having now experienced ED visits at both hospitals, Mr. and Mrs. Hertz will recommend CMC not only for the quality of care, but for their commitment to caring for patients even after they have left the hospital.

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