Caring for Tricia Meinhold, Right Here at Home

Tricia Felt Like She Was On Her Last Legs — Or at Least Her Last Knees

The very active, very busy vice president for the student experience at Coker College had suffered increasing knee pain for two years, and it was affecting both her work and her life. The boundless energy on the job and great enjoyment of outdoor activities she was known for were being eroded by the constant and growing discomfort of knees that would no longer carry her properly.

Tricia feared both surgery and the prospect of having to go elsewhere to get it. But then she felt a wave of relief when her primary care physician, Dr. Abraham Areephanthu, told her there was no need to worry and no need to travel. He referred her to Dr. Prashant Deshmane, adult reconstruction/sports medicine orthopedic surgeon at Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center.

Upon review of her situation and diagnosis of the problem, Dr. Deshmane performed same-day bilateral knee replacement surgery. Tricia’s damaged knees were replaced with metal alloy joints glued in place. “It’s a state-of-the-art procedure, and we’re well equipped and well experienced to do it right here at Carolina Pines,” said Dr. Deshmane.

The results? “I feel like the bionic woman,” said Tricia. “The difference is like night and day, and it has given me a new lease on life.”

The medical hands that heal, the community ties that bind. That’s Carolina Pines.

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