Caring for Laura Crouch, Right Here at Home

The Hands That Heal, The Ties That Bind

Being the mother of the bride is no small task. Like all moms, Hartsville native Laura Crouch wanted her daughter’s big day to be perfect. So much so that Laura put off seeing a doctor as the wedding approached, even though she was having trouble breathing.

The results were a great wedding and a not-so-great Laura. While she had put up a strong front to get through the ceremony and reception, Laura knew something was wrong. The following morning found her at the emergency entrance of Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center, in severe pulmonary distress.

“She was seriously ill,” said Dr. Angelo deDios, the pulmonologist who immediately ordered Laura admitted and placed on a ventilator. “She had advanced pneumonia and a host of problems that go along with it. It’s no exaggeration to say her condition was life-threatening.” Laura was hospitalized for two weeks, cared for by Dr. deDios and the medical team at Carolina Pines. She received intense antibiotics and other therapies that turned the tide, pulling her out of danger and putting her on the road to recovery. Next came ongoing treatment at Morrell Rehabilitation, overseen by her primary care physician, Dr. Mac Chapman.

Laura says she knew she was going to the right place when she went to Carolina Pines. “This is my hometown hospital, and I trust these people,” she said. “I grew up with CEO Tim Browne right here in Hartsville, and Dr. Chapman was a groomsman in my own wedding 30 years ago. Those things matter, and when you add in great young physicians like Dr. deDios, we can all be proud of our hospital.”
The medical hands that heal, the community ties that bind. That’s Carolina Pines.

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