Caring For William Newsome, Right Here At Home.

Carolina Pines doctors make Pee Wee feel right at home.

Pee Wee had a big problem.
William Newsome, a towering 6’6” Hartsville native affectionately known as “Pee Wee” since childhood, looked up while working at home and felt dizzy. The same sensation kept repeating itself, and he knew something was wrong.

He also knew where he wanted to go: Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center. In fact, he was already a regular of sorts, as William and several friends would meet for breakfast weekly in the Carolina Pines cafeteria.

“The hospital is such a part of the community, they have great people and great care — and great food too,” William said. “You just feel comfortable there and confident in the doctors and staff.”

William first saw his family physician, Dr. Michael Harless. After initial examination and an ultrasound, Dr. Harless suspected a carotid artery blockage. This was confirmed by a CT scan, and surgeon Dr. Arthur Cooler was called in.

“He had a 90% blockage in his carotid artery, which is basically a stroke waiting to happen,” said Dr. Cooler. “But he was a good candidate for surgery, and we performed a carotid endarterectomy to remove the plaque and clear the blockage. He’s done very well and is back
to his normal routine.”

And yes, that routine includes the weekly breakfast gathering of “Pee Wee” and friends at the hospital cafeteria.

The medical hands that heal, the community ties that bind. That’s Carolina Pines.

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