Capital Medical Center is Awarded for Patient Safety

Capital Medical Center Received the Washington State Hospital Association’s 2016 Achieving Best Care Award

Capital Medical Center received the Washington State Hospital Association’s 2016 Achieving Best Care Award for success in a broad variety of patient safety measures. This is a reflection of the strong commitment of the Capital Medical Center staff to providing the best quality of care. Their hard work continues to make care safer for patients!

“When it comes to our hospitals’ achievements in patient safety, Washington state has so much to be proud of,” said WSHA Senior Vice President for Patient Safety Carol Wagner. “We’re working on the biggest challenges of health care delivery, and our hospitals and health systems are consistently pushing for higher achievements on more measures. We’re glad to be able to give them the recognition they deserve.”

The award recognizes sustained improvements in:

• Infections

• Falls

• Early Elective Deliveries

• Sepsis

• Pressure Ulcers

“These are all important issues to patients and their families,” Wagner said. “They’re also the focus of national efforts to improve health care delivery. We’re part of the national effort to identify and implement best practices in all care settings, and get incidences of these down to zero. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made, but we’re also acutely aware that the road ahead is uphill.”

About the award: Top performers were defined as those achieving the highest scores in reducing patient harm in key strategies. If the hospital does not provide a service such as obstetric services or surgery, it was not counted against them. Scoring was based on the size of the hospital, and whether the hospital was in the top 25 percent in comparison to others in their size category.

About the Washington State Hospital Association

The Washington State Hospital Association is a membership organization representing more than 100 community hospitals, health systems and other health-related organizations. The association provides a wealth of services to members, including state and federal advocacy, policy analysis, governance education, patient safety support, data analysis and more.

In 2005, WSHA launched the Patient Safety program to help hospitals improve patient safety by supporting the widespread adoption of evidence-based clinical practices. WSHA works to improve the health of the people of the state by becoming involved in all matters affecting the delivery, quality, accessibility, affordability and continuity of health care.

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