Canyon Vista Medical Center Nurse Awarded

Kristen Lovitt Received the 2016 DAISY Award for Nursing Excellence

Congratulations to Kristen Lovitt, RN, Canyon Vista Medical Center recipient of the 2016 DAISY Award for nursing excellence. Nurses are nominated for the award by peers, patients and families. A patient who nominated Kristen wrote this:

“I arrived on the Progressive Care Unit following a heart catheterization. My nurse, Kristen Lovitt welcomed me with big smiles and made sure I was comfortable. She stated that I would be spending the night. When my family arrived, they happily told me I would be going home that night; however, Kristen received different orders. To make a long story short, my wife left the hospital to go home to get my CPAP machine and medications, which I was allowed to bring in on a previous visit. Kristen in the meantime took the time to confirm that I was to go home that night and contacted my wife in route home to let her know. Although it was the end of Kristen’s shift, she made sure my discharge packet was completed and carefully went through everything. She took the time to review how to care for my wound and when to call 911 if needed. This information and thoughtful care made my day so much better. I felt confident in the care I received from Kristen. You have a wonderful employee in this nurse.”

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