All in the Family

A Story of a Father and Daughter’s Recovery

In June of 2012, Abby Navarro hyperextended her left knee playing basketball and tore her ACL, a major stabilizing ligament in the knee joint. She also injured her meniscus, a piece of cartilage that acts as a cushion between the thighbone and shinbone. “It hurt immediately,” Abby remembers. “I knew it was bad.” The next day, Dr. Wayne Johnson, an orthopedic surgeon at Southwestern Medical Center, performed a patellar tendon graft, taking a section of Abby’s patellar tendon below the kneecap and grafting it to replace the ruptured ACL. Six months of intense physical therapy followed at Southwestern Medical Center. “The staff was so friendly,” Abby says. “They really made every visit enjoyable.” By December, Abby was back on the court playing center for the Lady Wolverines, averaging 13 points per game and earning All-State Honorable Mention her senior year. Abby isn’t the only member of the Navarro family who appreciates Dr. Johnson and the physical therapy staff at Southwestern. Her father, David, recently had a total knee replacement performed by Dr. Johnson and chose Southwestern Medical Center for his physical therapy. “My dad speaks so highly of Dr. Johnson and the PT staff,” Abby says. “Thanks to them, he’s able to enjoy walking and swimming again, and my knee is stronger than ever!”

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