CMC Employee Takes Talents to Haiti

Community Medical Center Employee Lends a Helping Hand in Haiti

Randy Nixon, Technical Support Analyst at CMC, spent time in Haiti helping to set up IT equipment to run a grocery store that would provide funding to children’s homes in Haiti.  Read about his experience in his words: “I…

SMH Volunteer Inspired By Family Values

Saline Memorial Hospital Volunteer, Lizzie, Works Alongside Her Grandmother

Lizzie Hicklin, 15, has learned a lot from her grandmother. One very valuable lesson involves the significance of helping others. That’s why Lizzie chose to give up part of her summer volunteering at Saline Memorial

Notes of Care | 8.13.18

notes of care

ORHC Central Scheduler Prioritizes Compassion

Diana Arment Works To Care For Patients Through Scheduling

Diana Arment has worked at ORHC for three and a half years as a Central Scheduler. All day long she answers a high volume of phone calls. She talks with nurses, doctors, and patients to schedule MRI’s, CT’s, PETS, and nuclear medicine. Sh

CMC Doctors Deliver Twins Who Shared Placental-Sharing Issue

Community Medical Center’s Dr. Fausett and Dr. Holbrook Provide “Outstanding Care”

Katie and Daniel Church were sent to Community Children’s in early October 2017. Their twin boys, still in utero, were facing a serious placental-sharing issue that was imperiling…

NPMC Employees Save a Life on Vacation

Even in the Dominican Republic, NPMC Provides Extraordinary Care

LeAnn Knaper and Desiree Carranza, medical imaging employees at National Park Medical Center, recently visited the Dominican Republic on vacation. While visiting the island of Catalina, a small group went snorkeling for an hour…

Notes of Care | 7.24.18

Notes of Care

PRMC Auxiliary Team Celebrates Exceptional Year of Giving

Auxiliary Team

Historical Year of Giving Completed

Paris Regional Medical Center’s Auxiliary Team was recently celebrated at their annual Auxiliary Volunteer Banquet Awards Luncheon for completing an exceptional, and historical, year of giving. Due to the volunteer’s tremendous efforts through enri…

Monthly Lunch & Learn Educates Community on Service Lines at CPRMC

Physicians Educate Community Members Over Lunch

Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center shares a monthly Lunch & Learn event where community members can come onsite to meet new and existing physicians and learn about services offered.
On the Lunch & Learn held on June 21, C. Brooks Bannister, MD sh…

ECM Patient’s Family Thanks Employees for Hospital-Wide Care

After Seven Weeks at ECM and Four Surgeries, Patient Returns to Thank His Nurses

In the seven weeks he was a patient at Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital, Alan Birdwell’s survival was doubted. In April, Alan was rushed to the hospital for emergency abdominal surgery. He had three additional sur…

Employee Finds “Home Away From Home” Serving at Shoals

Manager of Volunteer Services Serves For 27 Years

Kay Holland, Manager of Volunteer Services/LifeWise at Shoals Hospital, has been serving employees and patients at Shoals for 27 years.  “I love people and providing service to others,” Holland said. “I enjoy working with a

SWMC RN Takes Time for Patients

Dianna Marin, RN, Dedicates Career to Spending Time With Patients

While she was working on her pre-med degree, Dianna Marin, RN, of the Surgical Unit at Southwestern Medical Center, saw how healthcare was beginning to change. She observed that physicians had less time to spend with their patients…

Notes of Care | 7.10.18

notes of care
Notes of Care – Passionate people providing compassionate care.…

Paris Regional Food Services Team Members Bring Their Skills to Community Chili Cook-Off

The Hope House of Paris

Team Members and Master Chef, Mike Barnaby Support The Humane Society and The Hope House of Paris

Paris Regional Medical Center Food Services Team Members Crystal Burrows, Kathie Smith, Joe Coleman, James Hall (with son Aiden), and master Chef Mike Barnaby formed a team to help support this year&#…

Ottumwa Employee Dedicates Time To Patients

Shandy Housholder, Credit Clerk at Ottumwa, Goes Above And Beyond To Assist Patients

When patients work with Shandy Housholder at Ottumwa Regional Health Center, they know she will go above and beyond for them. Recently, a patient came into patient accounts to work through a bill with Shandy tha…

Shoals Hospital Rehabilitates Stroke Patient

Shoals Hospital Patient Recovers From Stroke And Writes A Song About His Care

On a seemingly regular morning, Larry Dowdy set about his normal routine. “I woke up and tried to get out of bed like I always do, and I just couldn’t,” he said. “My body wasn’t cooperating, and, before I knew it, I e…

SMH Physician Receives Exceeding Expectations Award

SMH General Surgeon Awarded For Providing Excellent Care

Congratulations to Dr. Lewis Porter, General Surgeon at Saline Memorial Hospital for receiving the Exceeding Expectations award. His most recent nomination is one of many — Dr. Porter is nominated on a regular basis, and if you know hi…

PRMC Awards Military Team Members

PRMC Employees Awarded For Going “Above and Beyond”

Paris Regional Medical Center has adopted a new method of rewarding team members from the military. PRMC will now begin to gift employees for “going above and beyond” with a literal token of gratitude. These new tokens are calle…

Shoals Hospital Recreates Nursing Home Bingo For Patient

Caregivers at Shoals Hospital Make Patient a Winner

Recently, Shoals Patient, Mrs. Patterson spent a few days at Shoals Hospital. Her stay was a little longer than expected, so, to keep her from missing out on her beloved games of bingo at the nursing home where she lives, the Shoals staff made sure th…

Notes of Care | 6.25.18

Notes of Care
Always Improving the Lives of Those We Serve.…

Saline Memorial Hospital Recieves Healthgrades 2018 Patient Safety Excellence Award

Saline Memorial Hospital Recognized For Superior Performance Protecting Patients

Ranking in the top 5% of all short-term acute care hospitals in the nation, Saline Memorial Hospital (SMH) was awarded by Healthgrades for excellent performance in prevention of the occurrence of serious, poten…

Personalized Care Impresses Patients at SJRMC

SJRMC Cancer Center and Blood Institute Provides Extraordinary, Personalized Care

April Christensen, NP, at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center’s Cancer Center and Blood Institute serves as a wonderful example of a provider of extraordinary care to patients at the hospital. One patient…

CVMC Surgeon Inspires Patient To Study Medicine

Surgeon Inspires

Outpatient Surgery Fixes Patient’s Knee and Inspires His Career

“POP!” That was the sound Chris G. heard when he tore his ACL, one of the key ligaments that stabilize the knee. To repair his knee, Chris decided to trust Dr. Randall Roy, an orthopedic surgeon with Canyon Vista Medical Cent…

“Nickel Lady” Comforts At Southwestern Medical Center In Many Ways

A Timely Act of Care Leads To Comfort In A Difficult Time

Chaplain services manager, Louise Harris, was paying for her lunch at the hospital cafeteria and discovered she was five cents short and only had large bills left. A woman behind her covered her five cents and told her not to worry about paying he…

Notes of Care | 6.11.18

Notes of Care | 6.11.18

Willamette Valley Medical Center Collaborates To Provide 24-Hour Care

WVMC Partners With Local Healthcare Facilities To Provide Continual Care to Patients

Willamette Valley Medical Center recently partnered with Oregon Health and Sciences University, the largest hospital in Oregon, to provide 24 hour on-call pediatric, neonatal, and stroke specialist covera…

Work Of Community Medical Center Employee Saves Hospital Thousands On Floor Stock

In Just One Year, Stocker Exceeds Expectations

At Community Medical Center (CMC), Maureen Badeau has been in charge of floor food and beverage stocks since April 2017, in which time she has been “the right person for the position,” exceeding all expectations for the position since sh…

Carolina Pines Employees Help Family Affected by House Fire

Empathy and Quick Action From Carolina Pines Employees Help Family Recover From Tragic Fire

“We lost everything on Easter Sunday,” said Michael Gilbert of Hartsville. “With our little girl and a
newborn son, we honestly didn’t know what we were going to do. And now to see all this… well, i…

CMH Patient Receives Exceptional Interventional Care

Patient Calls Herself “Lucky” to Receive Care from CMH

On January 17, Mindy was in the barn delivering baby sheep – something she’s done a million times. She was teaching her daughter this time, and this one was a particularly challenging delivery. One of the lambs wasn’t comi…

Notes of Care | 5.29.18

RCCH Notes of Care

Hospital Week Edition

Saline Mammographer Awarded For Exceeded Expectations

Saline Memorial Hospital Patient Appreciative For Extraordinary Care

Congratulations to Mary Jo Burroughs, Mammographer at the Saline Breast Imaging Center, for receiving the Exceeding Expectations Award in April. One of her patients wrote, “She was outstanding. I was experiencing d…

Kershaw Speech Therapist Dedicated To Making Therapy Educational and Enjoyable For Student

Gideon Enjoys Talking After Years of Speech Therapy

At the age of 5, Gideon Gatewood’s speech was non-existent. He was taught some sign language so he could express daily needs, but his need to communicate grew once he started to attend school.
Gideon began speech therapy at West Wateree Reha…

WVMC NODA Volunteers Provide Comprehensive Care To Dying Patients

WVMC Employees Volunteer To Accompany Patients During Final Moments

At Willamette Valley Medical Center, the NODA (No One Dies Alone) program was initiated to provide comprehensive care to dying patients so they would feel a loving presence at the end of life.  Compelled to join NODA as an ICU n…

County Suicide Rates Drastically Decrease After Opening of CVMC Behavioral Health Unit

CVMC Coordinates Care for Patients in Crisis

Previous locum tenen psychiatrists and staff from Universal Health Services (UHS), one of the nation’s largest hospital management companies, have all taken notice of the Behavioral Health Unit (BHU) team at Canyon Vista Medical Center (CVMC) f…

Notes of Care | 5.14.18

RCCH Notes of Care

Volunteer Edition

ORHC RN Recognized For Going Above and Beyond

Director of Wound Care Center Recognizes Model RN, Jennifer Farfan

Jennifer Farfan’s journey at Ottumwa Regional Health Center began in 2001 when she was in nursing school. She first worked as a CNA, then as an LPN, and now she works as an RN. In 2012, she started working in the ICU, and in July

CMH Team Saves Life of Heart Attack Victim

Heart Attack Victim Thanks CMH Team For Their Diligent Work

Clinton Memorial Hospital staff received Bob, a cardiac patient, after he was transferred to CMH from his nearest emergency department. He had symptoms of a heart attack and needed immediate intervention. The pain in his chest was excruc…

CMC Employee Recognized For Exemplary Work

Ortho and RNU Manager Goes Above and Beyond

Nacole Mikes, Ortho and RNU Manager at Community Medical Center has recently been recognized by her staff for going above and beyond to help care for patients. “No other Nurse Manager that I have worked under has such grace or sense of service,” one

WVMC Reduces Unnecessary Prescriptions

Staff-Initiated Directive Cuts Use of Recently-Proven, Over-Prescribed Medications

Willamette Valley Medical Center (WVMC) reduced unnecessary medication for patients after hospital staff took the initiative to improve hospital practices for Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) prescriptions

SJRMC Stitches Discarded Wraps into Blankets

SJRMC Offers Handmade Tarps and Blankets to Those in Need

After reading about a nurse in a hospital in Southern California in the Catholic Health World newspaper who was sewing wraps together from their operating rooms to give to the homeless, Sr. Pat Rosholt inquired about that possibility of impl

Made With Love at CPRMC: Children’s Surgical Caps

Volunteer Sews Special Caps for CPRMC Patients

Children having surgery at Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center (CPRMC) will have the opportunity to choose a handmade surgical cap sewn from colorful material including superheroes and adorable characters thanks to the sewing skills of a local…

Notes of Care | 4.23.18

Shoals Offers Free Community Classes

smoking cessation course

New Smoking Cessation Course at Shoals Educates Smokers

Engaging our community by offering a variety of free classes is part of Shoals Hospital’s mission. In addition to our regular diabetes and Chronic Obstruction Pulmonary Disorder classes, Lynn Cassady, RN, now teaches a smoking cessatio…

50 Years of Nursing Service at Kershaw

KershawHealth community

Kershaw Nurse Celebrates 50-Year Legacy

Gayle Breon graduated from Kershaw County Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1961 and started her career at KershawHealth in OB and Nursery.
She left in 1964 to go to Key West, Florida where she worked Med/Surg/Peds until 1967. She returned to Kershaw Co…

Trio of Emergency Nurses at Carolina Pines Receive CEN Certification

Certified Nurses Contribute to Success of CPRMC’s ED

Three Emergency Department registered nurses at Carolina Pines Medical Center recently passed the Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) exam –  Pat Spencer, RN, CEN; Tracy Jacobs, RN, CEN; and Sam Joyner, RN, CEN. The nurses join four ot

Notes of Care | 4.9.18

Saint Mary’s CEO Thanks Staff

Staff Thanked for Exceptional Care During Flu Season

Jim Davidson, CEO of Saint Mary’s Regional Health System, wanted to thank the staff for taking great care of their patients during this challenging flu season. He shared powerful words of gratitude that were mounted on a poster, and he pre…

Shoals Nurse Forms Strong Bond with Patient

RN Goes Above and Beyond to Care for Patient

During a regular volunteer shift at in the outpatient surgery area at Shoals Hospital, Carole Strane experienced a sudden cardiac event. Karen Bohannon, the nurse manager for the department, rushed her to the emergency department. While there, Karen sa…

CMC’s Innovative Model of Care Impacts Patients’ Lives

Home-Based Care Meets Patients Needs in Comfort of Their Own Home

CPG Home Based Care is a collaborative program that works with the patient’s Medical Home care team to offer extended care management services within a patient’s home for those with complex medical needs and/or limited functio

Saline Team Advocates for Patients

Saline’s Case Management Team Provides Exceptional Support for Patients

Saline Memorial Hospital’s Case Management team members are truly patient advocates. They are a constant face and support for their patients. The team also ensures patients are admitted and transitioned to…

SWMC Nurse Shifts Patient’s Perspective

SWMC RN Commits to Walking with Patient Through Recovery and Diagnosis

A stroke patient at Southwestern Medical Center was given the diagnosis of a completely occluded left carotid artery, along with other impairments from her stroke. The patient would not speak to anyone, even her spouse, and wo…

Notes of Care | 3.26.18

Patient Chooses CVMC for Joint Replacement Surgery

CVMC Staff Recognized for Kindness and Extraordinary Care

A few years ago, Wenche Zimmerman could barely walk, “I had been hobbling around for four or five years because of the pain in my right knee,” explained Wenche. Then Wenche went to see Dr. Brian Daines, an orthopedic surgeon at Canyon V…

Shoals Raises Funds for the American Cancer Society

Shoals Achieves Top Fundraising Status for the Relay for Life event

Shoals Hospital has achieved top fundraising status for its efforts to raise awareness for the American Cancer Society and its event, Relay for Life. This year, the fundraising has already begun with sales of Candygrams at Valent…

Exceptional Care at ORHC Leads to Positive Outcome for Family

ORHC Staff Quickly Overcomes Complication During Delivery

Amanda and Jason Prevo have been married ten years and live on the farm that has been in the family for a century. The couple has four kids Atalena (9), Mason (7), Kaitlyn (18 months), and Gavin (6 weeks). All of the Prevo children were born at O…

Notes of Care | 3.12.18

NAMC-ECM Cardiac Rehab Makes Tremendous Strides with Patients

Rehab Team & Patients Make Positive Changes, One Beat at a Time

At North Alabama Medical Center – ECM, the Cardiac Rehab team facilitates four classes a day, three days a week, for patients who have recently undergone open heart surgery, had a valve replacement or received stents. Most patien…

St. Mary’s Celebrates National Heart Month

St. Mary’s Raises Heart Health Awareness Through Community Events

Saint Mary’s Regional Health System celebrated National Heart Month by offering free blood pressure checks to their community. Partnering with Arkansas Tech University’s Student Nursing Association and the BELK d…

Shoals Goes Red for Women

Shoals Staff Wears Red in Support of Heart Disease and Heart Health

Employees at Shoals Hospital consistently achieve door-to-deal times of coronary-related events at 90 minutes or less. In celebration of February as National Go Red for Women month, members of the team, both clinical and non-cli…

CPRMC Nurse Honored with DAISY Award

CPRMC Provides Exemplary Services to Patient

Kimberly Prescott, RN, of the Medical/Surgical Department at Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center was named the Nurse of the Quarter and the DAISY Award for Nursing Excellence of the first quarter of 2018. The awards are chosen from nominations fro…

Notes of Care – 2.26.18

SWMC Physician Hosts Free Lecture

SWMC Volunteers Time to Educate Women in the Community

Southwestern Medical Center Obstetrician/Gynecologist, John Resneder, MD, provided a free lecture to the women in their community, titled “Menopause: Removing the Fear”. The lecture was held at the local country club and mor…

Saline Tech Recognized for Exceeding Expectations

Saline Employee Honored for Helping Patient in Need

Congratulations to Sarah Chrestman, Diagnostic Imaging, for being recognized as an “Exceeding Expectations” recipient. Read a snippet from Sarah’s nomination below. “Sarah had a patient who had attempted to have a nucle…

Patient Honored and Supported at CMH

CMH Patient Shares He Felt “Safe” and “At Home”

Clinton Memorial Hospital (CMH) staff was contacted by patient Jesse just before he was due to be discharged, as he wanted to honor his caregivers at CMH and ensure they were recognized. Jesse came into the CMH ER on a Thur…

PRMC Therapist Stands by Patient’s Side

PRMC Staff Touched by Peer’s Compassion

At Paris Regional Medical Center, there was a patient in the ICU that was passing away. Her family was called and notified, but it was going to take them several hours before they could arrive at the hospital. The patient’s therapist, Michelle Ta…

WVMC Employees Serve in Domincan Republic

WVMC Team Provide 63 Joint Replacement Surgeries in D.R.

In January, a group of employees from Willamette Valley Medical Center and two family members traveled to the Dominican Republic with Operation Walk Freedom to Move to provide joint replacement surgery for people who otherwise would be den…

Notes of Care – 2.12.18

CMC Nurse Honored for Her Dedication to Extraordinary Care

CMC Nurse Becomes a Part of Patient’s Life Story

Labor & Delivery nurse, Beth Mauer, was nominated for the DAISY Award by a patient and her co-workers for her dedication to caring for her patients physical and emotional needs and always being willing to help co-workers when necessary. Kate Si…

Forever Thankful at ECM

ECM Patient Thanks Staff for Exceptional Heart Care

In January, Chester Payne came to the emergency department with chest pains. The cardiac cath lab team at Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital placed a stent in Chester’s heart. This was Chester’s 13th stent in a 15-year period. Payne say…

CVMC Staff Exceeds Patient’s Expectations

Out-of-Town Visitors Wowed By Exemplary Care Provided at CVMC

Bill Katzel was reluctant to bring his high school sweetheart, Celia, to Canyon Vista Medical Center (CVMC) after she fell. The couple, together for 62 years, were visiting Sierra Vista from Tucson. Bill’s no greenhorn to the medica…

PRMC Honored with Award for Excellence of Care

PRMC Wound Care and Hyperbarics Center Honored with Prestigious Award

Paris Regional Medical Center is honored to announce the PRMC Wound Care and Hyperbarics Center was named as a Wound Care Center of Excellence for the care provided in 2016! This prestigious award is given to top ranking Wound…

Notes of Care | 1.29.18

SJRMC Staff Responds to Medical Emergency During Lunch Break

SJRMC Employees’ Quick Response Results in Good Outcome for a Child

As healthcare workers, everyone is expected to know what to do in an emergency or a life-threatening situation. To prepare, employees go through CPR training, take advanced cardiovascular life support classes, and atten

A Nurse’s Opportunity to Heal at PRMC

PRMC Employee’s Family Receives Extraordinary Care at The Hospital

Testimonial Provided By: Diane Nation, MSN, RN, NE-BC, Director of Education and Call Center at Paris Regional Medical Center
  “It has taken me a while to write this story because my eyes become filled with t…

Notes of Care | 1.22.18

Shoals Technician Praised for Healthcare Service Experience

Patient Has Positive Mammogram Experience at Shoals

Mammograms are often looked upon with dread by those who have them routinely. Melissa Parks, who works in the medical field, wasn’t immune to that feeling, either. A recent experience at Shoals Hospital and with one of our technicians, Ju…

WVMC Hosts PJ Drive for Children in Foster Care

WVMC Employees Rally Together to Gather PJs for Children in Need

As a hospital, Willamette Valley Medical Center staff was shocked to learn that the standard clothing allowance for a child in the foster care system is only $100 per year. After learning of this, an employee lead WVMC Community Se…

CMC Team Plans Activities for Family During Winter Season

CMC Team Gathers Activity Passes for Family Driving Long-Distance for Medical Treatment

Every two weeks a local family who lives over an hour away drive to Missoula so their daughter can receive chemo treatments at Community Medical Center (CMC). Dr. Lauren Wilson, pediatric hospitalist, and…

Birth Center Team Delivers an ORHC Nurse’s Baby

ORHC Nurse Welcomes Her Own Baby into the World Alongside Peers

As a nurse in the Ottumwa Regional Health Center Women & Family Birth Center, Alisha is part of the delivery process daily. But recently she was on a different side of the birthing process. Alisha, husband Brandon, and oldest daughter Au…

SWMC Staff Stuffs Stockings for Patients

Stockings Distributed to Patients at SWMC’s Behavioral Health Center

Every year, the Team Member Satisfaction Committee holds a stocking stuffer drive for the patients at Southwestern Medical Center’s Behavioral Health Center. SWMC team members generously donated personal hy…

Saline Welcomes First Baby of 2018

Saline Team Provides Exceptional Care for First Baby Delivery of The Year

There is always something special about the first baby of the year! Gracie and Will Pontius of Bryant welcomed William “Liam” Douglas Pontius IV into the world at 8:30am on January 1 at Saline Memorial Hospita…

CVMC Emergency Department Nurses Take Action

CVMC Respond to Crisis Situation During Break

The Canyon Vista Medical Center (CVMC) Emergency Department nurses are no strangers to acting at a moment’s notice. Yesterday, two of the incredible CVMC nurses were on their way for a break when they encountered a critical situation that had just oc

WVMC Staff Collects Food for Community Organization

More than 28,000 lbs. of Food Collected by WVMC Employees Willamette Valley Medical Center (WVMC) has a very successful partnership with for a local organization, Yamhill Community Action Partnership (YCAP). For the holidays, the WVMC staff collected over 28,000 lbs. of food for those sufferin…

Shoals Employee Epitomizes Mission to Provide Extraordinary Care

It’s All in the Details for Shoals Employee of 15 Years

Shoals Hospital Food Services employee of 15 years Dennis Armstead epitomizes what a good co-worker and team member should be. Armstead has been a loyal employee of local health care facilities since 1972, and, for each of those…

CPRMC Helps Pack Food Bags for Local Program

CPRMC Employees Make Impact in Their Community

Each week, Carolina Kids, Inc. packs 822 bags of food for students of 11 schools in the Darlington County School District for their Hunger Busters program. Many groups including businesses and church youth groups help pack the weekend bags each week d…

ORHC Makes the Holiday Merry for Community, Employees

Holiday Merry
Ottumwa Regional Health Center (ORHC) hosted its third Santa in the Lobby event for members of the staff and community. Santa and Mrs. Claus were on hand with refreshments, crafts, and Christmas music. ORHC staff provided free pictures to capture the memories of this special holiday event. In addi

NPMC Rehab Unit Gets Into the Holiday Spirit

Rehab Unit

NPMC Staff Hosts Holiday Activities to Impact Patients, Guests and Employees

The rehab unit at National Park Medical Center has spent the last few weeks getting into the holiday spirit with two special projects. On Wednesday the unit plans to send a care package to a fellow Kindred Hospital Rehab Un

Caring for Angels: One Nurse’s Calling at CVMC

CVMC Nurse Helps Families Who Experience Child Loss 

The Canyon Vista Medical Center (CVMC) Women’s and Children’s Services offers a full spectrum of care to families, including free childbirth education classes and more. The team in the Women’s and Children’s department are dedicat…

Notes of Care | 12.18.17

Notes of Care

SWMC Program Gives Children a Safe Start in Life

baby in a box

SWMC Launches a Baby Box Program to Reduce Infant mortality

Southwestern Medical Center (SWMC) will be giving moms who have a baby born at the hospital a Baby Box, in an effort to reduce infant mortality rates. The goal of the program is to improve infant health care outcomes by providing families t…

CMC Housekeeping Staff Donates Linens to Local Shelters

Retired Linens from CMC Distributed Throughout Community

With winter upon us, the housekeeping staff at Community Medical Center decided to donated retired linens to folks in need throughout our community. The staff went to the homeless shelter, domestic violence shelter, and two local animal…

ORHC Staff Provides Superb Care for Patient

Staff at ORHC Wound Care Leads Patient to Healing

Paul Graber likes doing anything that requires him to be outdoors. He enjoys mowing the lawn, cutting wood, clearing brush, and soaking in the sunshine. Last spring he discovered a diabetic ulcer on the ball of his right foot that he believed was a resu…

Santa Visits Shoals to Spread Holiday Cheer

Former Shoals Nurse Holds Special Connection to Santa “Bob”

When Emily Lanier, a former nurse at Shoals Hospital and Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital, learned that Bob Boyer was going to be on the Shoals campus, she changed her plans to make sure she would be on hand to greet him. Bob is spe…

Notes of Care | 12.11.17

Notes of Care

PRMC Partners with County to Start Community Garden

Community Garden Plants Roots in Paris Community

More than thirty volunteers gathered to create a home for the 12 plots that make up the new Paris Regional Community Garden. In summer of 2017, The Paris-Lamar County Health District approached Paris Regional Medical Center with a grant-funded goa…

Saline Staff Provides Exceptional Service in Mass Casualty Event

41 Student-Athletes Transported to Saline After Bus Accident

The Saline Medtran Ambulance service responded to a three-bus motor vehicle accident on a Friday in November. The buses were carrying members of the Helena-West Helena High school football team, cheerleaders, and band members. They…

Shoals Employee Takes Initiative to Start Supply Drive

Supply Drive

Shoals Department Collecting Items for Boys in Need of Assistance

Bridgett Smith, 27-year employee of the Admitting Department at Shoals Hospital, saw a need among a group of her patients, and she has worked to meet it. She and her fellow Admitting Department co-workers are gathering perso…

A Labor of Love at NAMC

Labor of Love

Mother Supported in Natural Birth at North Alabama Medical Center – ECM

Rachel Cochran and her husband welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Pilot, at North Alabama Medical Center – ECM. Rachel had a natural birth in the HOPE suite. It was a long journey for Pilot to enter the world, as his mot…

SWMC Surpasses Annual Fundraising Goal

SWMC Hosts Fundraises for United Way of Lawton

Southwestern Medical Center held their annual fundraising campaign for United Way of Lawton. To raise funds for the organization, the SWMC team hosted the following fundraising events:
  • Jeans Day – Employees paid $15 to wear jeans on Fridays during

Notes of Care | 11.27.17

NPMC Teams Up to Make Thanksgiving Baskets

NPMC Staff Distributes Special Baskets Throughout Community

Staff throughout different departments at National Park Medical Center teamed up to make Thanksgiving special for those in need in the community. What originally started as an idea at Living Waters Church of God to give 100 baskets of f…

SJRMC Statue Serves as Reminder to Care for All People

Care For All People

Mother Teresa of Calcutta Statue Dedicated at SJRMC

Article contributed by: Sr Pat Rosholt, Vice President of Mission, St. Joseph Regional Medical Center We’ve all heard of Mother Teresa and read quotes attributed to her. Her example and encouragement to love and respect each person b…

PRMC Participates in Community-Building Campaign

PRMC Emergency Response Team Educates Community on Safety

Members of Paris Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Response Team participated in National Night Out last month. National Night Out is an annual community-building campaign that promotes first responder-community partners…

Auxiliary Volunteers Share a Century of Service at NPMC

Century of Service at NPMC

Volunteers’ Dedication Sets Example of How to Use Lives to Give Back

National Park Medical Center (NPMC) boasts a well-tenured medical staff, some having worked with the hospital since the current facility first opened in the mid-1980s, or even longer. The same can be said for NPMC’s auxi

Patient Visits EMC to Thank Staff

EMC ER Department Takes Quick Action to Save Child’s Life

On May 5th, 2016, the Vickery’s experienced a parent’s worst nightmare. Their 3-year-old daughter, Kennedy, was involved in a lawn mower accident. She was rushed to the emergency department at North Alabama Medical Ce…

WVMC Staff Goes Above & Beyond to Advocate for Patient

“You Matter” Affirmation Impacts a Patient’s Outlook at WVMC

A patient presented to the Willamette Valley Medical Center Emergency Room (ER) via police, for concern of inability to care for herself after her boyfriend was arrested. Previous encounters with this patient lea

ORHC Wound Care Supports Patient to Reach Goals

diabetic complication

One Patient’s Road to Recovery at ORHC

Waller experienced diabetic complications when her big toe turned black and completely lost circulation. She went to the hospital where they found that the infection had traveled up her body.
“I wasn’t sure I was going to make it because of the infec…

Notes of Care | 11.13.17

Shoals Employees Go the Extra Mile

Child Expected to Make Full Recovery Thanks to Attentive Care at Shoals

In healthcare, clinicians often go the extra mile for patients. At Shoals Hospital, Dr. Jason Lockett and RN Tonia Hargett took that idea an extra step in the Emergency Department. A grandmother presented on a Sunday evening…

A Passion for Providing Exceptional Patient Care

Infection Preventionist Calls NPMC “Home” for 38 Years

Barbara Chesshir, Infection Preventionist, has called National Park Medical Center home for 38 years. In her tenure with NPMC, she has served patients in several departments. She grew up “an Air Force kid,” but has spent th

CMH Patient Experiences Impact of 24/7 STEMI Care

Patient Receives Exceptional Care and Treatment at “His Hospital”

Clinton Memorial Hospital (CMH) launched interventional cardiology care, to include 24/7 STEMI care, less than a month ago, and their patients – and their families – are seeing the impact first-hand. Two weeks…

ECM Staff Celebrates a Patient’s 96th Birthday

Surprise Birthday Party Hosted by ECM Staff

A patient was celebrating her 96th birthday in the hospital, so nurses, care partners and physicians at Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital held a special celebration. Staff surprised the patient with gifts and even baked her favorite dessert! This kind ges…

Patient Thanks Staff at ORHC Cancer Center

ORHC Staff Supports Patient Throughout His Cancer Treatment Journey

Cancer disrupts lives and turns them upside down. That’s why at Ottumwa Regional Health Center’s McCreery Cancer Center, they offer advanced cancer care solutions like radiation therapy close to home, where friends…

SWMC Turns Patient’s Dream Into a Reality

SWMC Med/Surg Staff Provides Post-Surgery Surprise for Patient

A patient of Southwestern Medical Center’s Joint Center underwent a complete shoulder surgery. While under anesthesia, he said he dreamed about sitting at a table full of different types of lunch meats, cheeses and breads…

WVMC Physician Deployed to Provide Support to Hurricane Victims

WVMC Physician Serves on Disaster Medical Assistance Team

Willamette Valley Medical Center’s Emergency Department physician, Dr. Tom Cronin, was deployed in September to Orlando, Florida, to provide aid for hurricane victims. He was deployed with the DMAT OR-2, a part of the National Di…

Shoals Therapists Help with Patient’s Recovery

Patient Shares Gratitude for Shoals Staff

Team Burdine. The t-shirt says it all. For Greg Burdine, a local attorney and former state representative, suffered a stroke recently, but he has worked very hard toward a full recovery. Right there with him were therapists from the J.W. Sommer Rehab Unit o…

Notes of Care | 10.23.17

NPMC Participate in Community Kindness Project

NPMC Therapy Staff Provides Patients Opportunity to Brighten Up the Community

Patients in Rehabilitation Therapy at National Park Medical Center recently spent a Friday painting and hiding colorful, creative rocks as part of a community kindness project which has taken Hot Springs residents b…

WVMC Breast Cancer Patient Shares Story of Fighting for Her Life

A Patient Testimonial: 10 years of Mammograms and Monthly Breast Exams

“For ten years, I religiously practiced as much preventive care within my power. Yet, I have now become that 11%, weeks before my 45th birthday! The 11% of breast cancer patients that are diagnosed before their 45th Birth…

PRMC Employee Sets Example of Advocating for Patients

Diligence Pays Off to Help Unfunded Patient

In June, a trauma patient was admitted to Paris Regional Medical who was unfunded and in a motor vehicle accident. Due to the trauma, this patient reportedly required several extensive surgeries. PRMC’s Financial Counselor, Marcy Woods, work…

CMC Staff Volunteers at Sled Hockey Clinic

CMC Plays Role in Building Community Hockey Scene

Staff from Community Medical Center’s Administration, Materials Management and Rehab Therapies departments provided volunteer support for Eagle Mount’s Adaptive Sled Hockey Clinic in Missoula, Montana at the end of September. Pa

Shoals Celebrates National Rehab Week

Shoals Employees Host Lunch-And-Learn Events

In September, members of the Shoals Hospital rehabilitation staff celebrate National Rehab Week. Throughout the week, employees have had an opportunity to take part in a variety of lunch and learn events to gain an education in different aspects of r…

Shoals Tech Helps Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Volunteer Sets Example of Selfless Service

Matt Metcalf didn’t hesitate to respond to the call for help for victims of Hurricane Harvey. As a tech at Shoals Hospital as well as a nursing student, he believed his skills would be needed, especially in the immediate aftermath of the storms…

Notes of Care | 10.10.17

Historic Patient Receives Extraordinary Care at CMH

CMH Launches 24/7 Interventional Cardiac Care

Clinton Memorial Hospital launched 24/7 interventional cardiac care in September, with its first patient receiving an interventional stent on Thursday, September 28. While CMH has long been their region’s anchor for emergency and specialty ca…

A Collaborative Approach at SJRMC

A Place Where All People Can Be Served

A couple of years ago, conversations were held among Ascension Health, St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, RCCH HealthCare Partners and Bishop Peter Christensen as to the future of St. Joe’s and its desire to remain a Catholic Hospital. Could that happen? If

Meet Alana: An Extraordinary Caregiver at Shoals

Shoals Occupational Therapist Establishes Garden Therapy Activities

The heartbeat of RCCH Health Partners can be seen and heard throughout our 16 hospitals.
Every day, there are countless stories of RCCH caregivers who go above and beyond the call of duty to surpass their patien…

Saline Paramedic Volunteers at Local Music

Festival Attendee Praises Saline Paramedic for Assistance

Saline Health System was a sponsor at Amplify Christian Music Festival that took place in Benton, Arkansas in August. Saline staffed the first-aid tent and provided an onsite ambulance throughout the weekend. A record 62,000 people att…

Former Employee Experiences ORHC from Patient Perspective

Patient Praises Quality Care Provided by ORHC Staff

David Harris was the director of Human Resources at Ottumwa Regional Health Center from 1980 to 1988. Harris started the Caring Bear Program, where kids in pediatrics would receive stickers, hugs, and coloring books from the Care Bear. Just rece

Retired RN Turns Wedding Dresses Into ‘Angel Gowns’

Made With Love for Families Who Have Suffered the Loss of a Child at CPRMC

There is no greater heartbreak than a grieving parent holding a stillborn infant. In an effort to share something meaningful for those families, Nadine Kuehne Schmidt, a retired RN from Chesterfield, South Carolina, had…

CVMC Director Nominates Peer for DAISY Award

Nurse Cares for Fellow Colleague After Surgery at CVMC

Christina Gallaway isn’t only the Nutrition & Food Services Director at Canyon Vista Medical Center, in February, she was a patient too. Christina underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. The recovery is a difficult one,

Saint Mary’s Staff Recognized for Service Excellence

Patient Thanks Nursing Staff with Floral Arrangements for Outstanding Care

It’s not often that an entire team of nurses can thoroughly and consistently deliver service excellence to a patient. But, that’s exactly what happened when patient Betty Martin spent more than a week in the medical t…

Patient Credits Remarkable Recovery to WVMC’s Joint Replacement Institute

WVMC’S Innovative Joint Replacement Program Helps Patients Recover Quickly

A yoga practitioner and avid hiker from Kodiak, Alaska, Patricia Ossowski had always considered herself fit and capable. However, eight years ago, she began to experience pain in her hips that would come and go, b

Shoals Hosts First Annual Chili Cook-Off to Support Heart Health

Shoals Raises Almost $300 for the American Heart Association

If it’s football season, it’s tailgating time at Shoals Hospital. Employees in departments throughout the facility enjoyed the event by decorating and wearing the colors of their favorite teams. The staff on the Med-Surg floor we…

CMC Employees Supported in Wildfire Evacuation

CMC Staff Creates Resource Wall to Support Wildfire Evacuees

With wildfires blazing near Missoula, Montana, and in the surrounding areas, several of Community Medical Center’s employees were forced to evacuate their homes. With employees in need, CMC leaders and staff came up with the id…

NPMC ICU Nurses Donate to Hurricane Harvey Relief

Supplies and Donations Gathered at NPMC for Hurricane Victims

The Intensive Care Unit at National Park Medical Center began helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey at the beginning of the month. The tropical storm made landfall along the Texas coast on Friday, Aug. 25, and the affected areas we

Notes of Care | 9.13.17

Group Provides “Blessing Blankets” for ECM Patients

Special Blankets Handcrafted With Love

Since the fall of 2016, members of Magnolia Church in Florence, Ala., have been stitching blessing blankets to provide to Alzheimer’s patients and palliative care patients at Eliza Coffee Memorial.
To date, the group has embroidered nearly 60 blank…

NPMC Med II Staff Thanked for Exceptional Care

Patient Creates Special Drawing for NPMC Staff

The Med II staff at National Park Medical Center recently received a special “thank you” for the exceptional care given to one of their patients. The artwork signed by several of the staff members depicts a sunset over a tranquil landscape and show…

PRMC Director Assists with Hurricane Harvey Response

Specialized Training Equips PRMC Employee to Respond to Disasters

Paris Regional Medical Center’s Director of Safety and Disaster Services, Jason McClaren, was sent into activation to assist with State Incident Management to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. Jason has be…

SJRMC Employee Serves Patient Outside of Work Hours

Weekends Devoted to Going Above and Beyond to Care for a Patient

Amy Shoults, Clinic Site Supervisor of the St. Joseph Neurology Clinic, is a wonderful example of how the staff at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center “care for the dear neighbor.” A patient suffering from Multiple Sclerosis was re

Family of Nurses Choose SWMC for Family Environment

Southwestern Medical Center has a growing family of nurses who, combined, bring to their team 88 years of nursing experience. Nita Cory, RN, her sister, Angela Shelton, RN and three daughters Sarah Kelly, RN, Leah Ramirez-Sigala, RN and Rachel Soliz, RN, are following a family tradition, started…

WVMC Staff Supports Patient’s Weight Loss Journey

A Patient Testimonial

For the past two years, I have been watching the Orbera Balloon FDA trial outcomes in the US. For years, I have tried exercise and special diets to lose weight, but it has always been an up and down battle. Recently, I took a position as Executive Director for a NW Nonprofit

CVMC Nurse Recognized for Expertise and Exceptional Care

RN Teaches Valuable Skills to Save Live at CVMC

Teresa Kattke, MSN, RN, NNP-BC was presented with the Chris Blackert Outstanding Rural Nurse of the Year award earlier this month by the Arizona Perinatal Trust at their annual conference held in Flagstaff. Teresa came to Sierra Vista in early 1994 w…

Notes of Care | 8.28.17

ECM Patient Feels Peaceful Going Into Surgery

ECM Staff Assisted in Special Event for Patient

Billy Taylor came to Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital as a patient on Sunday after his heart defibrillator stopped. Taylor’s family says he had another heart attack. Before heart surgery, Taylor told his family he wanted to be baptized before he…

CMH Physician Thanked for Compassionate Care

Patient Shares Glowing Review of Experience at CMH

Teresa was having really bad dizzy spells, pain down her arms and into her lower back, tingling, and numbness that reached the side of her face and head for over a year. She got to the point where she struggled to walk or drive. “I honestly could not…

PRMC CNA Honored with Violet Award

CNA Nominated by Teammate for Going the Extra Mile

Paris Regional Medical Center recently honored Chad Gordon, CNA, as the CNA Violet Award Honoree. The Violet Award is achieved by employees who exhibit exceptional qualities set by Paris Regional’s Mission, Vision, and Values. Chad was no…

SJRMC Nurse Takes Flight to Help Save a Life

SJRMC Nurse Volunteers to Join Life Flight Team

It was a day like no other day.  The region was busy with emergent healthcare needs. The Life Flight healthcare transport teams were all out on rescues and/or transporting patients.  So when they were contacted to transport a patient from St. Jose

RN Exemplifies Saline’s Mission

Saline Nurse Goes Above & Beyond to Support Patient’s Spouse

Gerald and Florence Alexander were completely new to Saline County and didn’t know anyone. After becoming ill, Gerald was admitted to Saline Memorial Hospital’s Critical Care Unit (CCU). After learning his prognosis w…

Notes of Care | 8.14.17

Patient Thanks Shoals Staff for Exemplary Care

Shoals Departments Thanked with Goodie Baskets

Dinah Howard couldn’t tolerate her abdominal pain a moment longer. She knew her friend, Jan Hannah, would know what to do. She texted Jan, and Jan’s response was fast: You need medical attention. Dinah arrived at the Shoals Hospital Emergency De…

ORHC Provides Free Physicals for Local Students

ORHC Kicks Off Back-to-School Season by Serving the Community

Ottumwa Regional Health Center and the Ottumwa Health Group recently provided sports physicals free of charge for area students. Three nurse practitioners and staff including nurses, receptionists and physical therapists worked…

CMC Emergency Department Demonstrates Follow-Through of Care

CMC Employee Shares Firsthand Experience with Hospital’s Care and Commitment

Community Medical Center employee, Haleena Hertz, experienced CMC’s emergency department (ED) firsthand when her husband sustained a hand injury after a truck he was working on came off the jack. Jason Hert

PRMC Nurse Honored with Daisy Award

Patient’s Family Shares Praise for Nurse’s Extraordinary Care

Bethany Love is Paris Regional Medical Center’s most recent DAISY Award Honoree. The DAISY Award is achieved by exhibiting exceptional qualities as set by Paris Regional’s Mission, Vision and Values. Bethan…

SWMC Employee Receive Gold Star Recognition

Patient’s Fears Calmed by SWMC EVS Tech

Southwestern Medical Center’s EVS director recently received a letter from a patient explaining how EVS Tech I, Michelle Mangold, made a significant change in her experience at the SWMC facility. The patient was very scared about an upcoming p…

Kershaw Patient Bonds with Nurse

Quality Care Helped Establish New Friendship at KershawHealth

Angie Guy, RN, is passionate about being a nurse at KershawHealth. She has worked with a wonderful team of nurses and doctors in the GI Lab (Endoscopy) at the hospital for three years. She enjoys the opportunity to help patients and conn…

Future Health Care Professionals Volunteer at ECM

VolunTeen Program Gives Students Opportunity to Grown into a Health Care Career

Nearly 40 volunteers, including high school and college students, have dedicated their time to volunteer at Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital this summer. The VolunTeen program continues to grow, with this group bein…

WVMC Committee Hosts Community Event

Community Service Committee Donates Proceeds to Local Program

Willamette Valley Medical Center (WVMC) has an employee-led community service committee that organizes two annual events for the community, in addition to managing quarterly highway clean-up teams. This year, WVMC hosted a free e

PRMC Hosts Community Baby Shower

New Parents and Expectant Mothers Supported at Community-Wide Event

Paris Regional Medical Center (PRMC) hosted its Second Annual Community Baby Shower on behalf of the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The baby shower was open to the public and hosted a group of over 200 expectant mothers, n

NPMC Staff Encourages Co-Worker During Cancer Treatment

Longtime Employee Wrapped in Love at NPMC

When Jean Foxworth, registered nurse for Med Surg at National Park Medical Center, was diagnosed with breast cancer in March, she knew the road to recovery would be hard. But with a lot of love from her co-workers, she’s been surrounded by encouragement th

Notes of Care | 7.24.17

PRMC Director Teaches Trauma Prevention at Local Schools

A Passion for Saving Lives and Educating Others

Paris Regional Medical Center’s Director of Education, Diane Nation, RN, BSN, NE-BC, is a tenured nurse that always shows excitement and enthusiasm to teach others. Whether it’s teaching hospital nurses how to run a Code Blue, or teach…

Patient With Rare Condition Attributes Success to CMH

Family Thanks CMH for Providing Exceptional Care

John came to us through CMH Regional Health System’s emergency department (ED) several weeks ago, knowing he was seriously ill, but unsure what was wrong. Their ED providers quickly determined his kidneys were failing, and he was admitte…

SJRMC Auxiliary Provides Hope, One Stitch At a Time

Young Patients Provided with Hand-Stitched Toy at SJRMC

“You have to keep taking the next necessary stitch, and the next one, and the next. Without stitches, you just have rags.” – Anne Lamott, author It’s true: stitches and hospitals go together all too well. The highly skilled and co

SWMC Employee Goes Above & Beyond

Southwestern LPN Bonds with Patient with Terminal Diagnosis

Recently a patient was admitted at Southwestern Medical Center for routine testing, for what they thought would be a treatable condition, but the diagnosis turned out to be Stage IV cancer. Kaylie Cannon, LPN, became that patient’s c…

Shoals Achieves Safety Record Milestone

Shoals Employees Celebrated for Commitment to Safety

Safety is a priority at Shoals Hospital. Every day, they mark on a board in the hospital cafeteria, so that they are accountable to each other as well as those who entrust their healthcare to the Shoals staff. Shoals reached a milestone in recen…



Megan Slater, an Ultrasound Tech at Community Medical Center in Missoula, Montana, went above and beyond last week to respond to a serious situation. While on her lunch break, Megan was walking outside the hospital when she noticed a visitor an

Notes of Care | 7.10.17

Volunteer Honored at PRMC

PRMC Volunteer Recognized for 18 Years of Service

Ophelia Payne has volunteered at Paris Regional Medical Center since 1999. Over the years, Ophelia has put in more than 13,000 hours of selfless duty to patients, employees and their families. This year, Ophelia was honored with the coveted RSVP Vo…

The Road to Recovery at ORHC

ORHC’s Cardiac Rehab Staff Provides Top Notch Care

Joanna Bartos knew there was something wrong when she started feeling very tired and simple activities were becoming increasingly difficult. “I used to be able to vacuum the whole house,” recalls Joanna. “But over time, I was barely

Saline Doctor Treats PANS Patient

Patient Sees Miraculous Improvement in Health

Saline Memorial Hospital was recently featured in a special health report produced by Arkansas Matters. Find out how Saline Pediatrician, Dr. Jana Jennings, helped diagnose and treat a young man with PANS/PANDAS. Click here to read the full article

A Surprise Proposal at ECM

ECM Nurses Assist With a Patient’s Engagement

On the day of his baby girl’s birth at Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital, Tyler Melton asked his girlfriend, Desiree Kiplinger, to marry him, but he got a little help … from his new baby! ECM nurses helped Tyler decorate a onesie for baby Aspen Tyl

NPMC Nurses Teach Stroke Signs

NPMC Partners with UAMS at a Local Event

Two National Park Medical Center emergency nurses, Angie and Elizabeth, represented NPMC at “Strike Out Stroke” night hosted at a local park. NPMC is proud to partner with the University of Arkansas for Medical Science (UAMS) as an AR SAVES (Stroke Assis

PRMC Supports Summer Safety

PRMC Partners with City Departments for Safety Event

Every year, the City of Paris EMS, the Fire Department, and the local Police host a fun, community event, Kids Safe Saturday. The event is held at the beginning of summer to reach kids, to promote safety guidelines for events that can be dangerous,

Notes of Care | 6.26.17

CPRMC Supports Men’s Health

Hartsville Mayor Designates June as Men’s Health Month

Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center’s CEO, Bill Little, and Executive Director of Darlington County First Steps, Darnell McPherson, made a special visit to the Hartsville City Council Chambers to witness Mayor Mel Penningt

SWMC Employee Assists Stroke Victim

Southwestern Orientation Helps Employee Recognize Stroke Symptoms

Last month, Southwestern Medical Center’s new volunteer chaplain’s assistant, Donnell Clark, potentially saved his friend’s life by using what he had learned in his SWMC orientation about stroke. This is Donnell…

Event Strengthens SMRHS Community

CEO Encourages Employees at Staff Event

Saint Mary’s Regional Health System’s CEO, Jim Davidson, celebrated Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness a little early by rounding on a recent evening staff event. Jim believes that it is important to care for SMRHS employees, so they ca

Spreading Joy at NPMC


The wife, daughter, and granddaughter of the late Glenn James came to National Park Medical Center’s Inpatient Rehab Unit on the anniversary of his passing to spread some joy in his favorite way – with balloons! Glenn’s family brought him balloo…

PRMC Sponsors Transportation System

PRMC Provides Locals with Improved Access to Healthcare Services

Paris Metro, the local transportation system in Paris, Texas, is sponsored by Paris Regional Medical Center. The transportation system launched in 2016, and in their first year of service, Paris Metro was recognized on a state and …

Notes of Care | 6.12.17

Watch Paris Regional’s Cath Lab video here.

ECM Sponsors Local Fun Run

Running for Stroke Awareness

North Alabama Medical Center sponsored the From Start to Finish 5k and Fun Run to raise awareness about stroke and to support the Northwest Alabama Reading Aides stroke support group. Nearly 100 runners came out to the race. Paul Johnson, who recently had a stroke, made…

A Caring Example at SMRHC

Dr. Kelly Dishes Out a Treat for Co-Workers

During the first week of June, Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Owen Kelly, set up a grill in the OR lounge at Saint Mary’s Regional Health System and cooked dozens of delicious grilled cheese sandwiches for the OR staff. Dr. Kelly is not only a former Arka…

ORHC Holds Nursing Skills Fair

Nursing Division Reinforces Best Practices

The Ottumwa Regional Health Center Nursing Division holds a skills fair two times each year to reinforce best practices for patient care in key focus areas. Nurses attending the fair rotate through the stations as content experts to present the informa…

Thank You to Saline’s Bariatric Team

A Patient Testimonial

“Wow! Things look so different when you put them side by side. I showed my husband the pics, and he literally didn’t know who that first person was! I didn’t believe that it was me. I showed him the original pic, and he didn’t have words, I am still not sur

Equipment Helps Patients Gain Confidence

J.W. Sommer Rehabilitation Unit at Shoals Adds Vehicle

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, Lori Ann Cantu, and patient Mary Kelly worked on getting in and out of a vehicle as part of Ms. Kelley’s therapy at J.W. Sommer Rehabilitation at Shoals Hospital. The vehicle is a new addition to J…

Coaching to Success

Southwestern Employee Gives Her Time to Change Lives

For the past five years, Valerie Baty, Facilities Office Coordinator at Southwestern Medical Center, has been on a mission to ensure any child within the city limits of Lawton, Oklahoma has the opportunity to play a team sport, even if that means…

CMC Honors Extraordinary Nurse

DAISY Award Recognizes Nurses’ Efforts

Community Medical Center Nurses are being honored with The DAISY Award For Extraordinary Nurses. The award is part of the DAISY Foundation’s program to recognize the super-human efforts nurses perform every day. This month, Betsy Stockton,…

New Surgical Equipment at ECM

State-of-the-Art Equipment Improves Surgical Services

The Sterile Processing Department at North Alabama Medical Center has recently acquired a brand new, state-of-the-art low temperature sterilizer. Sterile processing is responsible for the decontamination and sterilization of all su…

ORHC Employee of the Year

Employees Honored By CEO at Banquet

At a recent employee banquet, Ottumwa Regional Health Center honored all employees who were recognized as Employees of the Month in 2016 as healthcare heroes. Out of these employees, ORHC chose one as the Employee of the Year for 2016. “This is always an excepti…

Notes of Care | 5.23.17

Saline Staff Impacts Lives

Saline Memorial Partners with Emergency Response Agencies

The Saline Memorial Ambulance staff participated in Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) reenactment programs for local high schools in Saline County. The programs were a joint effort of multiple emergency response agencies from Saline C…

Employee of the Year at SJRMC

Chaplain Patrick Wolfe Honored for His Impact

Chaplain, Patrick Wolf was recently named the Employee of the Year at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, and from the writings of those who endorsed Chaplain Pat, one reads praise such as, “He is friendly, joyful and compassionate. He’s…

Garden Therapy at Shoals

Therapy Assistant Constructs Garden Boxes

Alana Hill, a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant at J.W. Sommer Rehabilitation Unit at Shoals Hospital, got a bit of spring fever recently. In working with her patients, she heard a similar refrain: They were all ready to get home so they could tend…

Easter Cheer at ECM

A Special Visit to the Pediatrics Unit

This year, the Easter Bunny stopped by North Alabama Medical Center – ECM today to spread some cheer! The bunny dropped off a basket to Pride Tompkins, 8, who was in the pediatrics unit and visited with our staff.

Notes of Care | 5.15.17

A Drill 4 Months in the Making

PRMC Conducts a School Bus Mass Casualty Drill

On April 28th, Paris Regional joined forces with local organizations:  North Lamar School District, local emergency services, first responders and law enforcement officers to hold a drill that was in planning for over 4 months.  This drill was t…

CVMC Celebrates 119 Local Volunteers

National Volunteer Week

During National Volunteer Week, 2017 the amazing volunteers of Canyon Vista Medical Center came together to be celebrated for their dedication to the hospital and the community.  “The work you do at Canyon Vista Medical Center makes a difference in so many people’…

Kindergarteners Visit WVMC

Dayton D.A.S.H. Program

It’s not every day that a hospital gets inundated with 30 kindergarten through fifth graders, but when it does happen, it brightens up the entire hospital. Recently, WVMC was fortunate enough to host the Dayton Elementary “DASH” program. “Dayton Activities for S…

Superheroes at ORHC

National Superhero Day

Friday, April 28th was National Superhero Day and ORHC celebrated their own healthcare superheroes all week long. They asked an employee each day who is your hero?  Who inspires them to make them want to be more, do more, give more? And they got some great responses ranging fr…

Surviving a ‘Widow Maker’

NPMC Cardiac Expertise Saved a Life

During a local Veterans Memorial fundraiser, entertainer and community leader Tom Wilkins began experiencing classic cardiac symptoms – sweats, dizziness, shortness of breath and ultimately chest pain. He came to National Park Medical Center’

CVMC Supports Firefighting Efforts

110 Cases of Water Donated

With the simplest of gestures, Canyon Vista Medical Center donated 110 cases of drinking water to the Southern Arizona firefighters as they fought the Sawmill Fire.  According to local news sources, the fire doubled in size on the afternoon of April 26 and has charred 40,…

A Special Star for a Cancer Survivor

A Bond Between Patient and Caregiver

In a Cancer Center, some days can be hard, but others can be the most glorious of all. Those are the days that our staff at Willamette Valley Medical Center live for and help our patients fight for. It was on this special day that one of our amazing team members celebra…

George Loves His Patients

A Retired Military Airborne and Ranger Turned Clinic Manager

George Spriggs, RN, Manager, Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbarics at Southwestern Medical Center provides extraordinary care to his patients each day. George is one of the first to arrive to set-up, triage inpatient admits that ca…

Notes of Care | 4.24.17

PRMC Saved Blake’s Arm

Trauma Treatment After A Serious Accident

Blake Baker was in Paris, Texas from Oklahoma visiting her family on Thanksgiving Day. She and her cousin were driving around, running last minute errands, when they were in an unfortunate serious single car accident. Blake sustained a serious arm inju

Clinton Memorial Hospital Surgeon Honored

Dr. Brian Santin is Ohio State Medical Association Advocate of the Year

Dr. Brian Santin, Vascular Surgeon at Clinton Memorial Hospital, was honored as the Ohio State Medical Association Advocate of the Year. This honor is bestowed upon an individual physician who has gone above and beyond the dut

Canyon Vista Medical Center Featured

CVMC in Commercial Architecture Magazine

Canyon Vista Medical Center was featured in the March 2017 issue of Commercial Architecture Magazine! 

Paris Air Evac Lifeteam

Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting

On Friday, April 7th the Paris Air Evac Lifeteam held it’s official Grand Opening Ribbon Cutting. A year ago, Paris Regional Medical Center Administration made an easy decision to bring Air Evac onto it’s campus. Since then, a new helicopter hanger, heli

Healing 6 Years of Pain at NPMC

“Why Go Anywhere Else?”

After spending 6 years in knee pain, Skip Lanier took action and visited Dr. Troy Birk at the Orthopoedic Center of Hot Springs. Dr. Birk and his team at National Park Medical Center’s Bone and Joint Institute performed knee replacement surgery. “

Sewing PJs for Hospital Patients

Students in the fashion merchandising class at Florence High School sewed pajama pants for ECM Hospital’s Pajamas for Patients program. The student’s teacher heard that the pajama supply was low, so she presented the project to her class. The class took the project on as a way to giv…

Family Fest!

Ottumwa Regional Health Center Celebrates with the Community

Ottumwa Regional Health Center sponsored the Health Walk at the recent Family Fest! held at the Bridge View Center in Ottumwa, IA in March. This was a family-centered event and featured many educational and entertainment component

Notes of Care | 4.10.17

Relay for Life

Shoals Raises Money and Honors Memories

Shoals Hospital has spent the month working toward a raising money for Relay for Life. Their goal was to raise $5,000 for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society. Shoals has been a Relay for Life participant for years, contributing thousands of dolla…

Notes of Care | 3.27.17

Excellent Care at ECM

A Heart Attack Survival Story

When Bill Norvell felt sick, he drove himself to ECM Hospital. He was having a heart attack. Bill spent 5 days in the intensive care unit and says he received excellent care from the moment he walked in the doors. Dr. Lango put four stents in his heart to open blocked coronar…

An RN Goes Above & Beyond at CVMC

Even A Patient’s Beloved Dog Received Extraordinary Care

Michael Cowan and his dog, Flower, have a lot to say and so much to be thankful for when it comes to the extraordinary care they received from Ashlee Manning, RN. Mr. Cowan wasn’t feeling quite right one evening and drove himself to the…

Taking Care of Our Own

A CMH Team Member Becomes a Patient

Trenda Medley has worked at CMH for thirty-seven years, and is currently in Patient Access/Registration. Trenda was admitted to Med Tele through the ED in early February, and shared with us the excellent care you all showed her while she was here. She wrote: “Tha…

Daffodil Days at National Park

Support for the American Cancer Society

National Park Medical Center is celebrating Daffodil Days in support of the American Cancer Society!  Every year, NPMC employees cut, assemble, sell and distribute daffodil orders in recognition of the event.  Why the daffodil?  Because as the first f…

Notes of Care | 3.13.17

Extra Attention Saved a Life

A KershawHealth Nurse Went the Extra Mile

Nurses at KershawHealth go above and beyond. Becky Yarborough made the extra effort and put in the extra time to call and check up on her patient after a visit, and again to retrieve her patient’s records during a lunch break – two actions that ultimat

Celebrating 65 Years Together at PRMC

A Heart-Melting Anniversary

Earl and Wanda Waters were not expecting to celebrate their 65th wedding anniversary at Paris Regional Medical Center. Earl was admitted as a patient to our Rehab Unit just a few short days before his wife Wanda. The day Wanda was transferred to our Rehab floor, just so ha…

ECM Cares for Tiny Teagan

Care Close to Home Made All the Difference

Little Miss Teagan Rae was ready to enter the world! She came five weeks early, weighing only 4 pounds. Teagan was treated in the special care nursery at the Women’s Pavilion at North Alabama Medical Center-ECM for 10 days. Her parents, Tracy and Chad B…

Recognition for Saline Memorial

A Patient Testimonial

“Dr. Jason Smith performed the same surgery I had by a different doctor three years ago. With my previous surgery, it was days before I could walk with any degree of confidence. After my surgery with Dr. Smith, I am so happy and am in minimal pain and able to walk pretty well.…

Carolina Pines Welcomes a New Surgeon

Dr. Badve Joins CPRMC

Caroline Pines Regional Medical Center Welcomes Dr. Siddharth Badve. Dr. Badve completed his Orthopedic residency (Master in Surgery, Orthopedics) from the University of Mumbai at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and Seth GS Medical College, Mumbai, India and earned…

New Technology at Ottumwa Regional Health Center

Renovated Digital X-Ray Suite and 3D Mammography

A busy open house was held in the Imaging Department at Ottumwa Regional Health Center on Wednesday, February 1st to showcase a newly renovated digital X-Ray suite and new 3D mammography machine as well as an updated look throughout the department.…

Barcodes for Patient Safety

KershawHealth Implements a System for Safety

An added medication safety feature, barcodes on patients’ wristbands are what tell nurses and doctors what medication to provide, how much, and when to administer it. Every medication that comes through the pharmacy is barcoded, so not only is it sa

A Radio Interview for CMH

Clinton Memorial Celebrated 12 Years By Talking Medicine

The Clinton Memorial Hospital Wound Treatment Center celebrated its 12th anniversary on Valentine’s Day! They celebrated by hitting up the local radio station and hanging out for the morning program to talk about wound care, medical in…

Collecting Undergarments for Southwestern

Alice Coombs Raises Money to Meet the Need

Hospital volunteer Alice Coombs, raised $221 through her RV club, to purchase undergarments for the children at Southwestern Behavioral Health. Each year, Alice serves as host-of-the-month and chooses a charitable cause within the community. The chap

Reaching Goals Together at Saline

Working Together to a Healthy Weight

A support group is helping people stay accountable to reach their weight loss goals. Three months since gastric sleeve surgery, Shannon Scrivner is at Saline Memorial Hospital each week learning about new meal plans; however, she is also there for the weight lo

Notes of Care | 2.20.17

Caring in a time of need

Canyon Vista nurses go above and beyond the call of duty

Last month, Canyon Vista Medical Center cared for a developmentally delayed patient. She had consumed medication that was not hers and needed a full work up but was quite scared of being in a new environment surrounded by new people. RN Amy and Fl

Keeping the Beat

Heart Surgery with Care

As a band director, Joey Krieger knows a thing or two about rhythm, but it was his heart that stopped keeping the beat. Krieger needed a quadruple cardiac bypass. He says he considered taking his surgery out of the Shoals, however, he stayed right here at home and was treated w…

A New Specialist at Carolina Pines

Welcome Dr. Cheppalli!

Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center welcomes Dr. Suresh Cheppalli. Dr. Suresh Cheppalli completed his orthopedic residency in India and further studied in the United Kingdom and Australia as a part of advanced residency training. He is a member of the Royal College of S…

National Hearts and Heroes Day

Paris Personnel Learn Preparedness

Recently, Paris Regional Medical Center Director of Safety and Business Continuity, Jason McClaren, and Lynnette Watkins MD, COO/CMO, Cezar Mahdi (Pharmacy), and Mary Woods (Security) traveled to Tyler, TX to join other organizations for National Hearts a…

Ottumwa Regional Health Center Employees Give Back

Celebrating employee community involvement.

The Employee Engagement Program at Ottumwa Regional Health Center celebrates employee involvement in the communities they serve. In 2016, ORHC employees logged over 8,500 hours of their own time for a variety of activities including ORHC sponsore

The Gift of a Good Book

Educators donate children’s books to Canyon Vista Medical Center.

Every year a dedicated group of professional women educators from the Epsilon Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma take up a collection of new children’s books to donate to all the babies born in the month of February at Canyon…

Meet Lelaida!

Warm meals from warm hearts.

Meet Lelaida from National Park Medical Center’s Food and Nutrition Services department. Chances are, if you have eaten a meal in the NPMC cafeteria in the past 11 years, you’ve met Lelaida! She’s pretty famous around the hospital for always rememb

A Speedy Delivery at ECM

Brianna Thompson Delivers Second Baby

Brianna Thompson made it to the hospital and up to Labor and Delivery just before giving birth to her son Braydon, but didn’t have time to wait on the physician. “She was in full labor when she arrived and here he came,” said RN Nurse Manager, M

Shoals Hospital Rehabs Randy

Randal Regained His Ability to Walk After a Devastating Injury

Randal, or Randy, as he became known as a patient at J.W. Sommer Rehabilitation on the campus of Shoals Hospital, fell down a flight of stairs in his home, which resulted in a spinal cord injury. After initial recovery from surgery at ECM,…

Say Hello to Mia Jade!

Mia Was the First Baby Born at Shoals in 2017

Mia was actually delivered in the ambulance, on the way to the hospital! Talk about a grand entrance! Her mother, Destiny Phillips, says the ambulance driver had to pull over in a church parking lot to help deliver the baby. Mia entered the world around 2:10 a…

Something to Celebrate!

Robert and Shirley Singley Celebrate 68 Years of Marriage at ORHC

Celebrations can happen anywhere and a 68th wedding anniversary should certainly be cause for celebration, even in a hospital! Robert and Shirley Singley didn’t plan on Robert being a patient on ARU on this special day, but after a…

Paris Regional Medical Center RN Recognized in the News

Sheri Ashford Has a Heart for Service

This is Sheri Ashford, RN. Sheri is one of our Case Managers in the ER. Sheri was recognized recently in the local newspaper not once, but twice, over the past few weeks for her efforts in the Lamar County Humane Society here in Paris, TX. Sheri is a true animal lover.…

Saline Memorial Nurses Go Above and Beyond

Sonja Davis, RN Selected as Bariatric Champion

Nurses work hard every day to ensure their patients are well taken care of. Here at Saline Memorial, our nurses go above and beyond to not only medically treat our patients, but to treat them like family.
Sonja Davis, RN, was selected as a bariatric champ

Tim Is a Ray of Hope

KershawHealth Rehab Therapist Encourages Patients

A ray of encouragement, Tim Hornsby works harder and cares more than most rehab therapists out there. Having been there himself, he understands what it is like to have no hope, no will to live. Because of this, he is able to give hope and encourageme…

The First Baby Born in 2017

First Baby of the New Year

Madison Makes 2017 Special

Baby Madison Kairi was born at 1:01am on January 1, 2017 – the first baby born at Clinton Memorial Hospital in the New Year. Madison is pictured with proud parents Jennifer and Phillip.…

Shoals Takes Patient Safety Seriously

All Employees Foster a Culture of Safety at Shoals Hospital

Fostering a culture of safety at Shoals Hospital is a top priority, and all employees, regardless of department, take that role very seriously. Stephanie took steps to remove inappropriate medication from a patient’s room that had bee…

Not One, But TWO New Knees!

Victoria Breen Was Motivated by Her Granddaughters and Her High Heels

When Victoria Breen’s knee pain kept her from shopping and spending time with her family, she knew it was time to take action. She chose National Park Medical Center’s Bone and Joint Institute for her knee replaceme…

Southwestern Medical Center Makes It A Happy Holiday

SWMC Team Members Donated Gifts and Food

You can’t beat the generosity of Southwestern Medical Center team members! This holiday season they provided Christmas gifts and stockings to the children hospitalized at SWMC’s Behavioral Health Center. Team members also generously donate…

Caring for Ray Hayes, Right Here at Home

He wears the ring. And he’s determined to live to see his grandson wear it too.

Ray Hayes, The Citadel class of 1952, and Russell Watkins, The Citadel class of 2017, share the double bonds of family and fidelity to the Corps of Cadets. But when the 84-year-old Hayes suffered an intestinal obstructio…

Willamette Valley Medical Center Stuffs the Bus

Food and Toy Drive Success

Willamette Valley Medical Center has a committee of volunteer employees who support community events and put on 2 individual events each year, including a Girls Night Out in May and a Toy and Food Drive in December. This past December, WVMC hosted its annual Stuff the Bus Fo…

Healing the Wound

The Wound Healing Center at ECM Restored Mikel’s Quality of Life

Mikel Testerman, of Cherokee, is just one of many success stories from the ECM East Wound Healing Center. Mikel developed a sore on his right foot, due to lower extremity circulation issues. “I was sent to ECM to receive a stent…

Ottumwa Regional Health Center Celebrates

Breakfast with Santa

Ottumwa Regional Health Center recently held the annual Breakfast with Santa for employees and their children. Over 75 children and their families ate a hearty breakfast, then enjoyed several activities, including decorating cookies, face painting and making ornaments.…

A Patient Delivers a Personal Thank You

Richard Orth Came Into CVMC to Say Thanks

A recent patient of Canyon Vista Medical Center, Richard Orth came into CVMC to say that his experience in the hospital was amazing. He mentioned that he had great care from the ED to the floor and reported “everyone was top shelf” at Canyon Vist…

A Retired US Army Lieutenant Colonel is Impressed

Jerry Orr Was Treated Like He Was the Only Patient at Southwestern Medical Center

Jerry Orr, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel, was tired of the numbness and swelling in his legs. An ultrasound revealed Jerry had chronic venous insufficiency. The veins in his legs weren’t working properly,…

Treat Wars at Ottumwa Regional Health Center

treat wars

Employees Competed in an Annual Baking Competition for Charity

ORHC Staff held the 3rd Annual Holiday Treat Wars! Employees broke out the baking pans and came up with some seriously good desserts! The competitors were fierce this year and there was no shortage of trash talking before the event! Wou…

Caring for Rebecca Chastain and Baby Harrison

Carolina Pines

Carolina Pines Provides Care in a Close-Knit Community

Rebecca Chastain is a proud and happy new mom. Her husband, Ben, is also filled with joy as they embark on a new chapter of life with their firstborn child, Harrison. While parenting will involve many decisions, the couple’s choice to have the…

Community Medical Center Nurses Honored

Community Medical Hospital

Jack Lowney Receives the The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses

Community Medical Center Nurses are being honored with The DAISY Award For Extraordinary Nurses. The award is part of the DAISY Foundation’s program to recognize the super-human efforts nurses perform everyday. The first…

April’s Positive Outlook

Paris Regional Medical Center

Paris Regional Medical Center Used Hyperbaric Therapy

The number 12 has become somewhat of a superstitious sign for April. Her story began back in 2012 when she moved to Paris, TX. On the 12th day of living in Paris she decided to join a friend for a night out. At 12 midnight, as they were driving home, Ap…

A Life-Saving Experience at Clinton Memorial Hospital

Clinton Memorial Hospital

David Recovers After Surgery to Repair Gastric Bleeding

In October, David was transferred to Clinton Memorial Hospital with symptoms of severe gastric bleeding. His family was advised that he would need surgery but was told that he may not make it through. His wife, Louise, and daughter, Tracy, ha…

National Park Medical Center Stroke Champions

National Park Medical Center

ED Nurses Macy and Angie are Recognized for Their Brain-Saving Efforts

National Park Medical Center Emergency Department Nurses, Macy and Angie, received “Stroke Champion” Awards in recognition of their brain-saving efforts in Stroke care. Their quick thinking and dedication t…

Advanced Diagnostics and Treatment Saves Lives at Saint Mary’s

St. Mary's

Jim Huml Received Great Cardiac Care

Over a decade ago, Jim Huml had major heart surgery. So when he recently experienced discomfort in his chest, his primary care physician recommended that he schedule an appointment with Dr. Sastry Prayaga, cardiologist with Saint Mary’s Regional Health Sys…

Emergency Department Nurses Week

Shoals Hospital

Shoals Hospital Celebrates

October 9-15 is Emergency Department Nurses’ Week, and the team at Shoals Hospital celebrated with pizza lunches, doughnut breakfasts, and a variety of gifts from others in the community whose lives have been touched by our staff. ED Nurse Manager Jan Hannah sai…

The Candy Man

Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital

25 Years of Bringing Joy to ECM Hospital

For more than 25 years, Larry Stanfield brought joy to the nurses and doctors at ECM hospital by delivering candy to each floor. Nurses lovingly refer to him as the “Candy Man.” The Candy Man was in the halls of ECM again recently, but this time, he wa…

Caring for Student Athletes

student athletes

Preparing for the Upcoming Sports Season

Ottumwa Regional Health Center recently held their annual free sports physical clinics for area student athletes at three locations in their service area. Over 150 students from grades 7-12 lined up to receive their physicals, along with over 40 communit

A Memory Lives On

Community Medical Center Reward

The Legacy of Rodger Thompson

On Monday, October 31, Sarah Peterson, a second-year student in the Radiologic Technology program at the Missoula college was awarded the Rodger Thompson Scholarship, worth $1,000. This scholarship is awarded in memory of Rodger Thompson, a beloved technologist w

A Little Joy in a Dark Time

A Worried Patient Received the Kindest Care

Caring hearts always seek ways to help others, and that was the case recently on 6 West at Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital. A group of nurses identified several needs of a patient who was transitioning to a new home. The move was frightening, and the nurses so

A Happy Place to Eat

Julia Stewart Makes the Cafeteria a Friendly Place

Not a day goes by that the cafeteria of KershawHealth isn’t buzzing with activity. It’s up to the staff to make the environment a welcoming and happy place to eat, and one woman in particular does just that. Julia Stewart has worked with Kersha

Nothing Stops Donna Bron

Donna Bron Survives Two Artery Blockages with Help from Saline Memorial Hospital

From the outside looking in, Donna Bron is an unlikely candidate to have a heart condition. Being 5’9’, 120 pounds and an avid marathon runner, she never expected to have a life-threatening heart condition. Howe

All in the Family

Southwestern Hospital

A Story of a Father and Daughter’s Recovery

In June of 2012, Abby Navarro hyperextended her left knee playing basketball and tore her ACL, a major stabilizing ligament in the knee joint. She also injured her meniscus, a piece of cartilage that acts as a cushion between the thighbone and 

Making the Shoals Hospital Senior Care Center Feel Like Home

When Life Got Difficult, Shoals Was There

Ms. Lottie Jones was experiencing some increased confusion, generalized weakness and was not able to perform her activities of daily living. Upon recommendation of her grandson, Ryan McKinney, who is also a registered nurse, she was admitted to the Shoal

A Light Fright Turned Delight

The story of a young patient’s hospital Halloween.

The week of Halloween, our six-year-old-daughter Delilah was diagnosed with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. She was admitted to WVMC on a Tuesday, and as the days ticked by, we realized 2014 would be the first time our little girl would

Solving the Puzzle of Health

One woman’s story of struggle and recovery.

Jean Harbison hadn’t been feeling well and grew a bit puzzled about her health. At a visit with her primary care physician, she discussed with him some of the symptoms she was experiencing. Jean’s caregiver then referred her to Dr. Dai-Yuan Wan

High School Students Break for Breakfast

Supporting Cancer Patients One Breakfast at a Time

Every year, we host an annual breast cancer awareness event called Brake for Breakfast. Our goal is to reach as many women in our community as we can with a message of early detection and education about breast cancer screening guidelines, mammogra

Caring for Tricia Meinhold, Right Here at Home

Tricia Felt Like She Was On Her Last Legs — Or at Least Her Last Knees

The very active, very busy vice president for the student experience at Coker College had suffered increasing knee pain for two years, and it was affecting both her work and her life. The boundless energy on the job and great enjoyme…

Capital Medical Center is Awarded for Patient Safety

Capital Medical Center Received the Washington State Hospital Association’s 2016 Achieving Best Care Award

Capital Medical Center received the Washington State Hospital Association’s 2016 Achieving Best Care Award for success in a broad variety of patient safety measures. This is a refl…

Canyon Vista Medical Center Nurse Awarded

Kristen Lovitt Received the 2016 DAISY Award for Nursing Excellence

Congratulations to Kristen Lovitt, RN, Canyon Vista Medical Center recipient of the 2016 DAISY Award for nursing excellence. Nurses are nominated for the award by peers, patients and families. A patient who nominated Kristen w…

Family Fun Day at Shoals Hospital

On Saturday, Sept. 10, 2016, Shoals Hospital Hosted its First Family Fun Day

The event included a classic car and truck show, inflatables for the kids, members of our local first responders, and more than two dozen hospital and healthcare-related facilities provided informational booths. Furth…

Stroke Victim Survives

Mark, a Retired Army First Sergeant Gets Treated for a Stroke

“I just can’t thank Southwestern Medical Center enough.” – Mark Winburn, Stroke Victim When Mark Winburn woke up from a nap, he knew immediately something was terribly wrong. “I couldn’t move,” Mark remembers. “My ent…

A Life Saving Decision

Mike Sandels Was in the Right Place at the Right Time

In November 2014 Mike Sandels had his second heart attack. He just happened to be walking by the WVMC emergency room on his way to undergo a CT Scan in Radiology. Mike said, “After experiencing nausea and profuse sweating I decided to immediately w…

Capital Medical Center First in Washington to Offer Robotic-Guided Spine Surgery

The Mazor Robotics Renaissance® Assists the Orthopedic Spine Surgeons and Neurosurgeons

A new, minimally invasive surgical option is now available at Capital Medical Center for patients needing spine surgery, including spinal fusion, vertebroplasty, and scoliosis correction. The Mazo…

Oscar the Fruit Loop Eating Lemur

Service Animal Detects Low Blood Sugar

Paris Regional Medical Center recognizes the need for patients to be able to receive quality care while accommodating their need to stay with their service animal in our facility. PRMC employees were recently “thrown for a loop”, a Fruit Loop to…

Connecting With A Four-Legged Baby!

Four Legged Lover

KershawHealth nurse cares for couple’s furry friend.

Leann cared for an oncology patient who was admitted to the hospital. The patient and her husband were very concerned about the care of their dog while in the hospital. They had no family to help with their beloved pet. Leann did not hesitat…

Ottumwa Makes a Difference For Heckart Family!

Ottumwa speech therapy team restore Henry Heckart’s confidence.

Henry Heckart is your typical four-year-old boy — boisterous, curious, and confident. It’s hard to believe he ever struggled with speaking, but his parents Desiree and Cody Heckart were concerned. “We worried about…

Life Saving Care for Katherine Buford

St. Mary’s staff help Katherine Buford stay active.

It was the middle of winter in northwestern Arkansas. Ice and snow had moved in, blanketing the area and creating a rare but beautiful scene there where the Ozark and Ouachita Mountains meet. Normally, Katharine Buford, would enjoy the “…

Missoula Food Bank Receives Community Volunteers

Community workers bond over Honey Nut Cheerios.

The entire staff of Home & Community Based Services (12 social work case managers, five RN case managers, three support staff, and one supervisor) volunteered at the Missoula Food Bank on Tuesday, August 30, as part of our annual team-building day. W…

Caring For William Newsome, Right Here At Home.

Carolina Pines doctors make Pee Wee feel right at home.

Pee Wee had a big problem.
William Newsome, a towering 6’6” Hartsville native affectionately known as “Pee Wee” since childhood, looked up while working at home and felt dizzy. The same sensation kept repeating itself, and he knew som…

Saline Memorial’s Volunteer Honors Wife

Retired eye doctor honors wife’s memory as volunteer at Saline Memorial.

One of the newest volunteers at Saline Memorial Hospital doesn’t seem so new. In fact, he is continuing the legacy of his late wife, who spent more than a decade behind the front desk assisting patients and visitors alike.…

Kevin Thompson Calls National Park Staff Family

Specialized rehab gets Kevin Thompson back on his feet.

With more than nine years as a cardiac catheterization patient, Kevin Thompson was no stranger to heart care. But when he was told in his early 40s that his condition required open heart surgery, he faced a level of uncertainty. Kevin now says th…

Mary Grigsby Celebrates Her 97th Birthday at ECM

The first baby born at ECM returns to celebrate her birthday.

We recently held a wonderful 97th Birthday Bash for ECM Hospital! Joining us was the first baby born at our current location (opened 73 years ago), Mary Frances Grigsby, who naturally is now 73 years young. Mary Fran had her photo made with C…

Jen Goodwin’s Dreams Became a Reality

Woman Holding Smiling Baby

The Team at Saline Memorial Helped Jen Realize Her Dream of Becoming a Mom

Jen Goodwin didn’t let a serious spinal-cord injury change her lifelong plans of becoming a mom. Her arms and legs were paralyzed in an accident in 2007, and she didn’t think pregnancy was a viable option for her. But on Moth…

A National Park Medical Center Hero

Before and After

Jean Foxworth Was Selected As One of the Top Five in the National Ansell Health Heros Award

National Park Medical Center’s Jean Foxworth was selected as one of the top five in the national Ansell Health Heroes Award. Jean has been a nurse at NPMC for more than 40 years. She has served in many roles from…

Joint Camp Made Ed’s New Knee Worry Free

Men Shacking Hands

Joint Camp at Southwestern Medical Center Makes Takes the Worry Out of Knee Replacement Surgery

Ed White wasn’t a bit concerned about having knee replacement surgery at Southwestern Medical Center this past December. That’s because he attended Joint Camp, a service provided to help patient…

Capital Medical Center Expansion

Hospital Construction

Capital Medical Center Breaks Ground to Expand Surgical Department

Capital Medical Center in Olympia, WA, has begun an $18 million expansion and renovation of its surgical department to better serve the needs of patients. When the project is completed in the summer of 2017, the hospital will have…

Peanut Rehabs at Shoals

Rehab with Peanut

After a Long Stay in the JW Sommer Rehabilitation Unit, Charles Harris Regained His Independence

Charles “Peanut” Harris arrived at our J.W. Sommer Rehabilitation Unit unable to scratch his nose or to care for himself in even the most basic ways. After more than 78 days of inpatient therapy, he…

Caring for Patients is the Most Meaningful Job

Woman Speaking About Care

KershawHealth’s Hettie Fund Talks About Her Experience

Hettie Fund, environmental services assistant, talks about how meaningful her job is when caring for patients. A humble and hard-working woman, she never meets a stranger and always has a smile on her face. She is always happy to excee…

Bob Weighs in on His Weight Loss Journey

Showing Weight Loss

Bob Lost Nearly 100 Pounds At a Price He Could Afford

I’ve had weight problems my whole life. I got to the point where I started having medical issues: Type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, aches and pains in my legs, breathing disorders. If you’re extremely overweight, that’s the beginning of the end.…

Clinton Memorial Hospital CMO Becomes a “Secret Shopper”

Doctors Posing for a Picture

Dr. John Hollon Was Admitted to the Hospital and Had an Amazing Experience

Dr. John Hollon, our chief medical officer, unintentionally became (in his own words) a CMH “secret shopper” two weeks ago. After coming in with symptoms of lower abdominal and lower back pain, it was discovered that he h…

Paulette Has the Special Touch

Woman SInging

Paulette Wortham at Paris Regional Medical Center Sings to Patients

Many of us in healthcare understand it takes a special person to care for those in psychiatric care. Paulette Wortham, PT tech at Paris Regional Medical Center, has the exact special touch it takes to communicate with her patients…

Canyon Vista Medical Center Shows Support

Letters to Pulse Nightclub

In the Wake of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting, the CVMC Team Encouraged Orlando Regional Medical Center Staff

While watching the news about the nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida, Terrie Depoy, a certified surgical tech at Canyon Vista, immediately had a feeling of compassion for the healthca…

When a Stroke Strikes

Stoke Strikes

Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital Staff Provided Care and Attention in One Family’s Time of Need

The signs of a stroke are serious business, especially if your family has a history of this serious disease. Melinda Sparks immediately knew something was wrong with her husband and wasted no tim…

Caring for Laura Crouch, Right Here at Home

Celebrating Laura's Road to Recovery

The Hands That Heal, The Ties That Bind

Being the mother of the bride is no small task. Like all moms, Hartsville native Laura Crouch wanted her daughter’s big day to be perfect. So much so that Laura put off seeing a doctor as the wedding approached, even though she was having trouble breathing. The r…

Ottumwa Regional Health Center Volunteers for RAGBRAI

Volunteers from ORHC Treated Riders at the First-Aid Station and in the ER

Ottumwa recently hosted a stopover for the 43rd annual RAGBRAI ride across Iowa event. If you’ve never heard of RAGBRAI (Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa), it’s an annual seven-day bicycle ride across th…

Saint Mary’s Saved a Life Close to Home

Man Next to his Motorcycle

The State-of-the-Art Facility and Astute  Team of Specialists Saved James from a Life-Threatening Heart Attack

As he awoke one morning, James Brown knew something was wrong. He stirred his sleeping wife next to him and said in a struggling whisper, “I need to get to the hospital.” At that m…

Community Medical Center Performs Earliest-Recorded Blood Transfusion

Woman holding a new baby

Dr. Bardett Fausett Performed the First Successful Blood Transfusion in Ethan at 17 Weeks

At 17 weeks old, in utero, Ethan Roach’s heart was failing. His red blood count was at 9 when it should have been somewhere between 45 and 50. The only way that he would continue to live and thrive in the womb…


Group of Happy Employees

Making checklists work: KershawHealth excels as South Carolina experiments with surgical checklists

KershawHealth, Capella’s newest hospital, was featured on the cover of Modern Healthcare magazine the week of January 25, a result of the outstanding work they’ve done to improve care thr…


Saving Lives

Don exemplified our commitment to treat everyone like family.

Recently, Don encountered an elderly couple who arrived at the Ambulatory Care Unit in the early hours of the morning. He greeted them and made sure they were introduced to the nursing staff. Don happened to be working in the ACU waiting a…


Saving Lives

Pride in ownership leads to national quality recognition

Willamette Valley Medical Center (McMinnville, OR) is nationally recognized for its high quality care, thanks to its outstanding staff who are dedicated to providing amazing care, every time. The 88-bed hospital is one of just 117 hospit…


Group of Women Smiling


Thirty-something years ago this past weekend, Debbie Grissom headed to ECM to deliver her baby girl, Melissa. With the help of ECM Labor and Delivery nurse Robin Price, all went well. Little did Debbie know that her daughter woul…


Doctor with New Mom and Baby

Employees and physicians enjoy serving at SWMC

Southwestern Medical Center in Lawton, Oklahoma, has made remarkable strides since joining the Capella Healthcare family of hospitals as one of its four legacy hospitals in 2005. Celebrating its 108th year of service to the community in 2016, SWM…


Doctor and Patient Smiling Together

Putting patients first at Clinton Memorial Hospital, so that they can get back to doing what they love.

Before his vascular surgery with Dr. Brian Santin, Thomas wasn’t even able to mow his own grass, because the backs of his legs would lock up, and his feet were always cold. Now, he’s back to his da…
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