Barcodes for Patient Safety

KershawHealth Implements a System for Safety

An added medication safety feature, barcodes on patients’ wristbands are what tell nurses and doctors what medication to provide, how much, and when to administer it. Every medication that comes through the pharmacy is barcoded, so not only is it sa

A Radio Interview for CMH

Clinton Memorial Celebrated 12 Years By Talking Medicine

The Clinton Memorial Hospital Wound Treatment Center celebrated its 12th anniversary on Valentine’s Day! They celebrated by hitting up the local radio station and hanging out for the morning program to talk about wound care, medical in…

Collecting Undergarments for Southwestern

Alice Coombs Raises Money to Meet the Need

Hospital volunteer Alice Coombs, raised $221 through her RV club, to purchase undergarments for the children at Southwestern Behavioral Health. Each year, Alice serves as host-of-the-month and chooses a charitable cause within the community. The chap

Reaching Goals Together at Saline

Working Together to a Healthy Weight

A support group is helping people stay accountable to reach their weight loss goals. Three months since gastric sleeve surgery, Shannon Scrivner is at Saline Memorial Hospital each week learning about new meal plans; however, she is also there for the weight lo

Notes of Care | 2.20.17

Caring in a time of need

Canyon Vista nurses go above and beyond the call of duty

Last month, Canyon Vista Medical Center cared for a developmentally delayed patient. She had consumed medication that was not hers and needed a full work up but was quite scared of being in a new environment surrounded by new people. RN Amy and Fl

Keeping the Beat

Heart Surgery with Care

As a band director, Joey Krieger knows a thing or two about rhythm, but it was his heart that stopped keeping the beat. Krieger needed a quadruple cardiac bypass. He says he considered taking his surgery out of the Shoals, however, he stayed right here at home and was treated w…

A New Specialist at Carolina Pines

Welcome Dr. Cheppalli!

Carolina Pines Regional Medical Center welcomes Dr. Suresh Cheppalli. Dr. Suresh Cheppalli completed his orthopedic residency in India and further studied in the United Kingdom and Australia as a part of advanced residency training. He is a member of the Royal College of S…

National Hearts and Heroes Day

Paris Personnel Learn Preparedness

Recently, Paris Regional Medical Center Director of Safety and Business Continuity, Jason McClaren, and Lynnette Watkins MD, COO/CMO, Cezar Mahdi (Pharmacy), and Mary Woods (Security) traveled to Tyler, TX to join other organizations for National Hearts a…

Ottumwa Regional Health Center Employees Give Back

Celebrating employee community involvement.

The Employee Engagement Program at Ottumwa Regional Health Center celebrates employee involvement in the communities they serve. In 2016, ORHC employees logged over 8,500 hours of their own time for a variety of activities including ORHC sponsore
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