student athletes

Caring for Student Athletes

Preparing for the Upcoming Sports Season

Ottumwa Regional Health Center recently held their annual free sports physical clinics for area student athletes at three locations in their service area. Over 150 students from grades 7-12 lined up to receive their physicals, along with over 40 communit
Community Medical Center Reward

A Memory Lives On

The Legacy of Rodger Thompson

On Monday, October 31, Sarah Peterson, a second-year student in the Radiologic Technology program at the Missoula college was awarded the Rodger Thompson Scholarship, worth $1,000. This scholarship is awarded in memory of Rodger Thompson, a beloved technologist w

A Little Joy in a Dark Time

A Worried Patient Received the Kindest Care

Caring hearts always seek ways to help others, and that was the case recently on 6 West at Eliza Coffee Memorial Hospital. A group of nurses identified several needs of a patient who was transitioning to a new home. The move was frightening, and the nurses so

A Happy Place to Eat

Julia Stewart Makes the Cafeteria a Friendly Place

Not a day goes by that the cafeteria of KershawHealth isn’t buzzing with activity. It’s up to the staff to make the environment a welcoming and happy place to eat, and one woman in particular does just that. Julia Stewart has worked with Kersha

Nothing Stops Donna Bron

Donna Bron Survives Two Artery Blockages with Help from Saline Memorial Hospital

From the outside looking in, Donna Bron is an unlikely candidate to have a heart condition. Being 5’9’, 120 pounds and an avid marathon runner, she never expected to have a life-threatening heart condition. Howe
Southwestern Hospital

All in the Family

A Story of a Father and Daughter’s Recovery

In June of 2012, Abby Navarro hyperextended her left knee playing basketball and tore her ACL, a major stabilizing ligament in the knee joint. She also injured her meniscus, a piece of cartilage that acts as a cushion between the thighbone and 

Making the Shoals Hospital Senior Care Center Feel Like Home

When Life Got Difficult, Shoals Was There

Ms. Lottie Jones was experiencing some increased confusion, generalized weakness and was not able to perform her activities of daily living. Upon recommendation of her grandson, Ryan McKinney, who is also a registered nurse, she was admitted to the Shoal

A Light Fright Turned Delight

The story of a young patient’s hospital Halloween.

The week of Halloween, our six-year-old-daughter Delilah was diagnosed with pneumonia and had to be hospitalized. She was admitted to WVMC on a Tuesday, and as the days ticked by, we realized 2014 would be the first time our little girl would

Solving the Puzzle of Health

One woman’s story of struggle and recovery.

Jean Harbison hadn’t been feeling well and grew a bit puzzled about her health. At a visit with her primary care physician, she discussed with him some of the symptoms she was experiencing. Jean’s caregiver then referred her to Dr. Dai-Yuan Wan

High School Students Break for Breakfast

Supporting Cancer Patients One Breakfast at a Time

Every year, we host an annual breast cancer awareness event called Brake for Breakfast. Our goal is to reach as many women in our community as we can with a message of early detection and education about breast cancer screening guidelines, mammogra
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