Man Next to his Motorcycle

Saint Mary’s Saved a Life Close to Home

The State-of-the-Art Facility and Astute  Team of Specialists Saved James from a Life-Threatening Heart Attack

As he awoke one morning, James Brown knew something was wrong. He stirred his sleeping wife next to him and said in a struggling whisper, “I need to get to the hospital.” At that m…
Woman holding a new baby

Community Medical Center Performs Earliest-Recorded Blood Transfusion

Dr. Bardett Fausett Performed the First Successful Blood Transfusion in Ethan at 17 Weeks

At 17 weeks old, in utero, Ethan Roach’s heart was failing. His red blood count was at 9 when it should have been somewhere between 45 and 50. The only way that he would continue to live and thrive in the womb…
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