Sharon Hospital Provides Care with Kindness

Dr. Santos and ER Nurse, Tina Provide Compassionate Care to Patient with Dementia

I just returned to work from the Sharon ER where ER nurse Tina and Dr. Santos tended to my mother. My mother has dementia and she came to the ER as a result of an unwitnessed fall.

I wish to commend Tina and Dr. Santos for their kind, patient, and expert care they gave to Mom. It is not easy and can be frustrating to work with patients who cannot respond to simple questions but they were masterful and compassionate in all their interactions with her, using kind humor to good effect. It was clear to me that Dr. Santos provided excellent care to her by seeing her as a person with whom to establish a relationship instead of merely a patient to be treated. I cannot say enough how grateful I am to them for the dignity they gave to her in the process of evaluating her.

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