Bart Hubbs Headshot

Bart Hubbs

Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, Chief Technology Officer
Scott Restor Headshot

Scott Rester

Vice President, Information Systems
Stephen Page Headshot

Stephen Page

Vice President, Associate General Counsel
Andy Huckaby Headshot

Andy Huckaby

Vice President, Market Growth
Brian Hitchcock Headshot

Brian Hitchcock

Vice President, Material Resource Operations
Keith Allen Headshot

Keith Allen

Vice President, Construction and Real Estate
Andy Garlington Headshot

Andy Garlington

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer National Group
Eileen Barnes Headshot

Eileen Barnes

Vice President, Clinical Quality
Vishal Bhatia Headshot

Dr. Vishal Bhatia

Vice President, Chief Medical Information Officer and Associate Chief Medical Officer
Charley Thornburg Headshot

Charley Thornburg

Vice President, Risk Management
Rob Frutiger Headshot

Rob Frutiger

Vice President, Tax
Alan Wenk Headshot

Alan Wenk

Vice President, Chief Operating Officer National Group
Monica Bowman Headshot

Monica Bowman

Vice President, Physician Services
Jane Motes Headshot

Jane Motes

Vice President, Revenue Cycle Operations
Carolyn Schneider Headshot

Carolyn Schneider

Vice President, Human Resources
Chris Minar Headshot

Chris Minar

Vice President, Corporate Controller
Beverly Craig Headshot

Beverly Craig, RN

Vice President, Regulatory Compliance and Clinical Risk Management
Richard Walker Headshot

Richard Walker

Vice President, Operations Support
Michele Scott Hedshot

Michele Scott

Vice President, Growth and Outreach
Mary Ann Smokler Headshot

Mary Ann Smokler

Vice President, Medical Staff Development
Lee Yuill Headshot

Lee Yuill

Vice President, Internal Audit
Kevin Vaughn Headshot

Kevin Vaughn

Vice President, Reimbursement
Davis Turner Headshot

Davis Turner

Vice President, Associate General Counsel
Dana Rice Headshot

Dana Rice

Vice President, Clinical Operations, Chief Quality Officer
Pam Hunter Headshot

Pam Hunter

Vice President and Treasurer
Angie Mulder Headshot

Angie Mulder

Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer
Brandon Dyson Headshot

Brandon Dyson

Senior Vice President, Human Resources
Robert Wampler Headshot

Robert Wampler

Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer American Division
Steve Wilson Headshot

Steve Wilson

Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer
Andrew Slusser Headshot

Andrew “Andy’ Slusser

Executive Vice President, Business Development
Aaron Lewis Headshot

Aaron Lewis

Senior Vice President, Strategic Growth
Richard Charbonneau Headshot

Richard “Rick” Charbonneau

Senior Vice President, Business Development and Payor Relations
Jeff Atwood Headshot

Jeff Atwood

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications
Alan Smith Headshot

Alan Smith

Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Martin Rash Headshot

Martin Rash

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Browder Headshot

Mike Browder

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
Headshot of Howard Wall

Howard T. Wall III

Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, General Counsel & Secretary
Mark Medley Headshot

Mark Medley

Executive Vice President, Group President
Headshot of Rob Jay

Rob Jay

Executive Vice President, Group President
Headshot of Herman Williams

Herman Williams, MD

Chief Clinical Officer
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